ESAT Special Dr Birhanu Nega on Andargachew Tsege July 29 2014

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ESAT Special Dr Birhanu Nega on Andargachew Tsege July 29 2014

ESAT Special Dr Birhanu Nega on Andargachew Tsege July 29 2014


  1. What we need is political constructive opposition not terrorism.
    I am proud Ethiopian,I will never support an Organization such as Ginbot7 that associate and directly or indirectly link with terrorism and link its self and supported by Ethiopias sworn enemies such as Eritrea and Egypt.

  2. I predict ,the end of Gionbot 7 will be soon the reason for this any organazation or business’s should be measure by it leadership skill and streagth Ginbot 7 lacks this.

  3. This guy is a joke. If he was up to his job he should have aknowledged the 2nd in command of G7 (Andi) knows some secret (it’s insulting for his audiences). He can say “He used to know some secrets” …..”there was some potential consequences” but now we know he is in enemy’s hand we have changed some procedures. However, this guy knows deep down they have got screwed well and he is in denial mode. See you on ETV soon. When Issu wedi Afom sells your ass and earn some foreign currency for Eritrea.

    • Aye Tigre, zendrom tikeznalachu, you have the army, and the weapons, and as far as you are concerned the people of Ethiopia have never been better. Well then, relax! Its ok, Oromos are happy and prospering, well Muslims are just ridiculously free, not to mention the southern people and amharas whom the economic growth have just drunk them with happiness.
      So why you keep on worrying? A day will come….

    Ato Berhanue Nega knows it he has no chance in hell to be in power in Ethiopia, what Ato Berhanue nega’s true hidden motive is to amass personal wealth by collecting money from unsuspecting uneducated Ethiopians and Egypt.

  5. The more this guy open his mouth the more he sound more like suffering from some form of retardation, he does not make no rational sense but the usual tired BLA BLA BLA, too much endless talk no result.

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