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  1. I had opened the link to listen ESAT Radio but the following message displayed on the screen that reads ” Error Loading Media: File Couldn’t be played” and the transmission was interrupted at the beginning. I strongly believe that it is the nexus-of-evils working for EPRDF/TPLF in Kenya for Money. EPRDF/TPLF is the riches political organization on this planet and the Government of Kenya is one of the three most corrupted government on earth. This is part of the systematic torturing I have gone through this days.
    Last but not least, the Kenya government is using Fin Spy Spying Software for spying civilians contrary to the commitment they have signed for using Fin Spy Spying Software. They have pinned down my Face Book Account on suspicion of Terrorism.[For further Information please retrieve and read May 6th, 2011 Friday Daily Nation News Paper Page 8 column 4 or 5….”….we are pinning down individual Face Book Account if he/she is a threat for the National Security….” .

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