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ESAT Radio Friday 16 January 2015

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Read Aloud:   At least five killed as police fire at protest in Ethiopia


  1. President Isayas I greatly appreciate for your speaking out in the language you hate and abhor of all languages. That is unbelievable! The great saying that “time heals of all wounds” is working and is provable. However, I disagree with all due respect over what you said. Both sides of the leadership are equally responsible for the annihilation of millions of our people both Ethiopians and Eritreans. You have played a part. One cannot deny this fact. Please start by apologizing both peoples and promise to start on a new page. As you just said I do not want to go back and pock old wounds but still I want you to take the lions share in bringing the two peoples together and work to the human and economic development of both nations. We Ethiopians love and respect Eritrean people and consider you as part of us. No Djibouti or Mainland Somalia is nearer to our heart than Eritrea. We are not arrogant and hateful to say,” let Eritrea’s camels drink from their ports”, it was not us it was the words of that monster weyanie leader, Meles. We would have preferred instead both our nations share the advantages instead of a country which is never ours. Having said all the above, I thank you and your kind government for giving sanctuary and other material and moral assistance to the struggle they waged to fight our mortal enemies. If you continue what you have been doing now, trust me you’ll be not only an Eritrean hero but you’ll be greatly respected and loved by our people and you’ll definitely rewrite our two countries history and when you die you’ll rest in peace, happy and satisfied. Last but not least, I would like to congratulate ESAT and the daring reporters Messay and Fassil for their work. Thanks a lot we love you for you are the messengers of peace and love. Bravo!

  2. “LeEthiopia Andinet lefchalehu, Tigrayn endayigenetilu asamegnachewalehu, Tenkara Ethiopia endetnor efelgalehu ….” – Ato Issayas Afeworqi. Hmmmmm

  3. Let us see the world from our own reality not from very far distance which is made by western philosopher and thinking ,by now i think many of ethiopians understand what we mean strong ethiopia or strong africa in general and with self reliance. If not pls follow news from inside out not on the reverse. Go and see what it looks eritrea, fell the difference ,see different colours of life not only black and white

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