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(ESAT News) High ranking government officials banned from leaving the country

High ranking government officials are not allowed to leave the country without the authorization of the command post that was set up to enforce the state of emergency declared in Ethiopia a week ago, sources disclosed to ESAT.

The ban was not included in the details of the emergency law that was released last week but sources say an internal memo sent to higher officials by the command post prohibit government officials from leaving the country without the knowledge of the command post.
The so called command post is run by three veteran members of the TPLF, namely Abay Tsehaye, Debretsion Gebremichael and Samora Yunis, the sources said adding Siraj Fergessa of the OPDO was just the media face of the Tigrayan clique running the command post.
The Ethiopian regime declared a state of emergency on October 9, 2016 after a year long protest by the Oromos and the Amharas against Tigrayan domination of the economy and political power.
The people of Bahir Dar and Gondar in the Amhara region held a strike this week defying the state of emergency, although the martial law prohibits strikes and protest demonstrations, among others.


  1. Dear Zehabesha and Esat news anchormen,
    I have seen many time that you are giving to the readership wrong information.
    for instance if you read this article you are stating Siraj fagessa many times as an oromo and member of OPDO. But the fact is he is not an oromo and Member of opdo. HE is Silte and member of Hailemariam party of Southern Ethiopia

  2. We can take physical action on Wayne representative and their family who are based out side Ethiopia either embassy representative or there Banda, unless they resign from their position with mediate effect. I will start the action in one of euro city every Ethiopian has to follow my foot step eradicate Wayne and their family where ever they are. Good bless Ethiopia.

  3. We Ethiopians are so innocent because we listen to these demons and liars such as Esath. Most of the news Esat is bradcasting is untrue.
    Recently esat produced a news which says, the Debre-Zeit Air force is stand by because the high TPLF regimes are preparing to run out of the country. Imagine these are the people and media who are so primitive and evils and couldn’t change at this 21st century. Now many of us realise that these medias and blogggers just making evil money for living/what is very sad is at the expense of innocent people and their peace.

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