ESAT: New Interview with Tamagne Beyene – “Telalakiw Man new?” (Video)

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ESAT: New Interview with Tamagne Beyene – “Telalakiw Man new?” (Video)


  1. I am appreciate Temagni ,but I don’t like somebody who lying or confusing a people please talke the truth .Are you sure you consider the oromo people’s question as the main solution for all the Ethiopians ? Since you don’t co-operate with Oromo people you never successful.Why engineer Kassehun Cemeda, Jetani Ali …..others killed you should have to raise the problem and the solution come to Oromo people and find the solution from your heart

  2. Damage has no trait of a real man. He acts like a by attention boy from a decent community. He has not the gifts and determination of a fitcuter. He is a best MN of a heated feast. He talks and talks but not of a sour bile. He tries to talks of as a good friends to anyone: friends and foe alike. P9lease get one who has the determination of Andargachew!

  3. His name is Tamage and he born and raised to be Tamange to his country nothing else. Tplf an invader and a foreign force should be removed at any cost other wise the more time they occupy the country the more distraction is invitable.

  4. Where were you 23 year ago when the Amhara rulers suppressed and oppressed the rest of the people? why didn’t do the same thing during the Mengistu? You were vocal for Derg regim. Why do you think people other than Amhara want to believe you? Don’t think I am woyane or anti Ethiopia. Please say something and be genuine in your answer.

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