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ESAT Interview with Isaias Afwerki, President of the State of Eritrea, Feb 2015


ESAT Interview with Isaias Afwerki, President of the State of Eritrea, Feb 2015


  1. My Fellow Ethiopians,
    It is simply absurd to listen to this interview of a man who wrecked havoc in our country and the horn of Africa for nearly half a century as if he is going to be our savior. This monster is a war criminal and should be treated as such. I despise the TPLF junta for what it has done to our country over the last 23 years, but it is simply short sighted and stupid to forget the fact that the mafia group that is destroying the fabric our historic country was created by none other than Isaias Afeworki.
    How are these two “journalists” any different from the so called ETV “journalists” who start writing in their notebook before the TPLF mafia bosses they are interviewing start talking? Look at the contemptuous smile on Isaias’s face when the two goons open their notebooks and start writing as if they are taking notes from a famous scholar. You can see from his demeanor and they way he dressed up for how much respect he has for the two guys conducting the interview. Why would anybody do that? I mean talk to Isaias to whatever problems we are facing in Ethiopia. This psychopath is our problem. PERIOD!
    If you want peace, democracy, and hope in that part of the world, you have to organize the people who are under the grip of this brutal dictators and lead the struggle from within. Hoping a few AK 47s and a rag tag army trained by Isaias’ henchmen is going to bring about change we are longing for is a wishful thinking.

  2. @Yigermal,
    Whoever is he, it is much better to listen from him directly than anything else. He can say whatever he wants. People like you may want something explicit
    which is unusual, there are still things that you may conclude from his responses.
    Don’t you thing that taking notes are important?
    -they my restructuring their questions based on his response
    – helps to remind what he already said and re-question thing on that bases

    He can also dress up the way he wants even he made this interview at some dam construction area…
    Be a Person who can rationalize than ….

  3. We should be thankful for our eritrean brothers, who gave us a ground for starting something. 25 years of division is more than enough, please think about the people who suffered on hands of weyane, please dont discourage people from joining. Opressed people are like a river, we need organizations to lead it. It will help prevent another rwanda. We cant betray andargachew and comerades.

  4. Well said, Yigermal. I consider it is ‘the Joke of the century” what ESAT/G7 is doing by asking Isayas (the monoster) for advise about Ethiopian problem under TPLF (another monster). It sad to notice how far ESAT/G7 can go to fulfill their objective (being naive or selfish), even if that is to destroy our beloved country. I prefer taking longer road than taking the wrong short cut to improve the political and economical problem our country is facing.

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