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ESAT Eneweyay On President Isaias Afeworki's Interview, Researcher Mohammed Hassen and Abebe Bogale


ESAT Eneweyay On President Isaias Afeworki’s Interview, Researcher Mohammed Hassen and Abebe Bogale
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  1. I like both of them. They are knowledgeable and to the point. It is high time to discuss the issue of working with Eritrea among Ethiopian Intellectuals. In fact our intellectuals failed Ethiopia. They dwell too much about Eritrea and changed the Ethiopian mind. We have been slaves to past history for too long. Our main enemy is TPLF not Eritrea. Eritrea is another country now. They are not the one that exploit Ethiopians and enslaved Ethiopians. It is TPLF who does every evil to us. Let us not stall about Assab etc. As long as TPLF is in power there is no Assab. So why not we leave the issue of Assab and instead think how to be good friends of Eritrea and cooperate with them to remove TPLF. We can live better with Eritreans than with TPLF and Djibouti.
    I ask known intellectuals of Ethiopia to write how working with Eritrea will shorten the life of TPLF. We made a big mistake in 1998 when we sided with TPLF to fight shabia. Big mistake indeed!!!

  2. Aye ye enante poletica,hule chika. Issayas Amarigna tenagere altenage min yadergilnal?
    From Asseb yegna nat to viva Issayas??? Cheap prostitutes.

  3. hold on ! is issayass a hero now? Very confused issue. what is the difference betweem shabia and Woyane? what is the purposed of this new confused politics? Do we need Essayas’s sympathy to unit the peope of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Who is crying like crocodile? who is responsible for innocent people of Eritrea who is dying and suffered like a dog? This desperation lead to dangerous path, you do not become a partner with a dictator inorder toight other dictator. It is historically true that Eritrean are Ethiopians.

  4. GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian semay)
    Do not brainwash innocent generation who have no clue who Isayas is.
    “Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes; and there has in all ages been a disastrous alliance between abnormal innocence and abnormal sin.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton, Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State
    Taken from my upcoming commentary regarding the “Useful Idiots” (G7, ONLF, OLF, ArbeNNot and the Eritrean TPDM…)
    these “useful idiots” are laughably defending the notorious criminal and Fascist leader Isayas Afewerki for not speaking Amhraic! We all know that Isayas hate Amhara and Amharic language like those useful idiots speaking here on these video when it comes to achieve their hidden agenda (we know both of these cabals). The other one already served the Fascist TPLF and now he is bootlicking the Eritrean Fascists for his secessionist goal. Isayas not only hate Amharic, he also hate Injera and Gojo. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS VIST The interview he did with the French (the masters of the other speaker).
    Have you ever pass the matriculation test to get in to Addis Abeba University without passing Amharic subject? They are going to tell us Isayas does not speak Amharic? He speaks and writes Amhraic ever since he was in elementary school all the way to his Desse and Addis life. How do they know that racist he does not speak Amharic? One military captive told me, when he met him in NaKfa, he spoke to him in a well structured Amharic. But, here, these useful idiots are defending him as if he does not hate Amhara and its language.
    These are worst spokes persons as Yemane Monky. I have never believe these individuals will go to the extent defending Isyas about his Amharaic. What a shameful individuals these are!
    We except from secessionist Isayas’s useful idiots to speak with such shameful argument. Isayas was Ethiopian Spy (see Ethiopian General interview in TobiYa magazine who was chief spy during Haileselassie who sent Isayas to spy the Eritrean Fronts in Sudan . You meant to tell us he was speaking in English then? By the way, how did he pass his Amharic test to join his Engineer study if he does not write and speak Amhraic.
    I know his father well, he was very close friend with me (though he is elderly father by age) in Tigray. His father and Isyas’s brothers all speak Amhraic. Stay tune…………… I am glad these cabals are not living in Ethiopia with power (which they will never be unless the their masters the Arabs and in the West supported them; they could have sold entire East and South/Western Ethiopia to Isyas as TPLF did gave Assaba and Massawa before.
    That is why he is using these useful idiots to run his mission of destroying Ethiopia through secessionist hooligans who speaks Amhraic as a cover. I have never believe ESAT and his guest will go as far as this range. The TPLF history is repulsing through Ginbot 7 and its media. I can’t believe myself there will come elements like these after Ethiopian saw TPLF’s mercenary records!!!!!!! Politically Ginbot 7 and its media ESAT -they are done- no a trusted sectors any more!!!!!!! An Eritrean friend (scholar) called me and asked me “what is wrong with these Ethiopians in ETSAT? I reply, I have similar impression as you do. YELIJOCH CHEWATA!!

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