ESAT Daily News – May 21, 2013

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  1. What the hell is going on in my home town Dessie? I am in complete disbelief to accept what I have heard as true. The people of Dessie never deserved to be treated like this in a ridiculous way by Tigrians/Woyanes. Because Dessie and the rest of Wolo used to be a shelter for millions of poor migrant Tigrians who were desperate to find food and shelter in the old days of Emperor Haileselaie and even during Derg ERA. Despite all the favors they had recieved in return Tigrians/Woyanes are causing constant trouble to my fellow citizen since they came to power using their troops and spies infiltrated into the society. The major cause of all these crime is their deep rooted hatered to Amhara and inherent inferiority complex. Honestely,all these evil deeds never goes unpunished. It is a matter of time.

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