ESAT Breaking News: Ethiopian government admitted Andargachew's detention. He is severely beaten.

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Ethiopian government admitted Andargachew’s detention. He is severely beaten

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  1. በጣም የምወደው እና ሊታይ የሚገባው ነዓ የወነ የዜና ማሥሰራጭያ ጣብያ ስለወነ።

  2. Ofcourse they would beat him up and may even gauge his eyes as they did to General Asamnew and General Tefera who fall victim of After Dr Birr open and public announcement of the planned coup using his people in the military
    Andargachew will always remain a hero and a legend and he will forever will live in our minds for what he gave and did to bring freedom and creat a democratic Ethiopia free from the Tigray led ethnic Aparthaid regime
    I hope Dr Birr did not delay the news of Andargachew arrest so that Ethiopians world wide cry for his freedom as they are doing right now
    Now Dr Birr is telling us even if they cut his fingers one by one they will not get any info in a way he wanted Woyanes to torture him and by doing so he is endangering the lives of G7 members by failing to warn them Andargachew is a human being and he might be tired of the torture and give out some names and Info about the party and members in Ethiopia
    So Dr Birr be responsible and warn and inform your members to take a precaution to save their lives do not be stupid and relay on Andargachews ability to over come torture id

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