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Ermias Legesse on Yemeles Likakit Book | Video

Ermias Legesse on Yemeles Likakit Book | Video


  1. Ermias Legesse was a cog in a tyrannical machinery that reduced many innocent and patriotic Ethiopians to shreds. If we argue that the hands of TPLF were soaked in the bloods of Ethiopians, then people like Ermias Legesse are the gloves the tyrants wore to commit those atrocities. Ermias rose the echelons of power not because of their talent, but because of their willingness to serve the system unquestioningly and their readiness to betray the common man and woman who were being trampled under the Woyane racist subjugation. When many talented Ethiopians were either dismissed from work or simply thrown into jail for speaking out, guys like him got promoted year after year. And how many true Ethiopias lost their government post (their only means of survival) and watched their families break up or being reduced to starving and beging wretches only because they refused to be bought off and remained true and destitute instead of betraying their principle. Not this guy.

    This guy took full advantage of the system, he flourished in the bosom of tyranny, while the cries of millions of Ethiopians reached to heavens for deliverance. Now this Man stands as a witness to crime instead of a collaborator and perpetrator. He escaped the crime syndicate only because, like all opportunist, he knew when to run. And he did run in good time too, and latched himself on to the gullible diaspora who opened up for him opportunity, wealth and celebrity, through media promotions, book deals and Speaking engagements as an insider expert and witness on the conduct and ceremonies of TPLF. The man was part of a criminal syndicate, he can not escape his culpability just because he deserted the family at its last gasp.

    Until cleared by court, this man should remain a suspect.

  2. You have a point. However, at the moment, we have a far more viscous and formidable enemy in the Woyane than this petty opportunist.

    Remember the Kuomintang, the nationalist Chinese who were at war with the Chinese communist party led by Mao, stopped fighting each other amicably to turn their guns on invading Japan.

    There are many weaklings in the rank of the opposition whose past is not free from venality, subservience and sheer opportunism. Again, raising issues about these worthless fellows is adding unnecessary distraction. We need to focus on the main target like a cheetah- in our case,the Woyane Tigres and their active servants.

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