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Eritrea’s Preliminary Response to the Report of the Commission of Enquiry

Read Aloud:   BBN Daily Ethiopian News August 25, 2017


  1. This is the regime where these PHD’s and their confused philosophers around G7, OLF and others like them flocking to in search of counseling and military direction. What is wrong with this Nega? I know those with OLF and ONLF are stricken with a serious bout of vertigo. The other day one of my acquaintances who was a member of OLF told me that even the Wahhabis are not interested in OLF. They think there is too much missionary work in it. He said they like those who lambast this ‘Ethiopia Out of Ethiopia’ thing. ONLF’s Ziad Barre wannabes are camping out in Doha and Dubai just chilling with their millions in the pockets that they collected pan handling over the decades. Once in a while they go to their temple in Asmara to submit manufactured war exploits to their anointed Amir Al-Toweel Isaias. But he knows how to play the game very well. He got game with EPRP in early 1970’s. He took in their formative ‘red’ army and held them hostage until they signed a communiqué solely to his liking. He released them only after they signed his policy document. I am not making this up. Just read books written by former members of EPRP and others. He had also done his tricks with TPLF then in the 1970’s. EPRP tried to correct itself and paid dearly for it. But TPLF with the former PM decided to chug along with no correction or amendment. Ethiopia including my own Oromos was declared a country that had colonized Eritrea and Eritreans had no historical or cultural connection with the rest of us. Ethiopia was such an industrialized power that it had to colonize Eritrea so it could unload its surplus goods. Wow!!! Then Eritrea was and is not an African and has nothing to do with a bunch of niggers. Eritreans were and are pure Semitic people identical with Arabs. That was what Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hafiz Al-assad and the rest of halawa drunk Arab leaders were told. Al-Abd(nigger) colonizers were tormenting Arab look alike Semitic people of Eritrea!!! Massakeen Eritrean!!!Then millions of dollars, ship loads of rice, cooking oil, AK47’s, sophisticated anti warplane guns began flowing. Even TPLF’s leading hordes were said to have used this shtick during their bush days on Arabs. Those who stayed honest were doomed one by one. It was and still is a ruthless region over there. Honesty was and still is confined with the common man. But it is a whole different world now. That is why my confidence in the common man of the old country is still unshakeable. What people!!! What glorious people!!! I never cease to be proud for being one of the children of such people that continue to be the envy of Africa and the rest of the world. Call me ethnocentric but there is nothing you can do about it. No matter how Al-Toweel tries to rip our people apart by way of bloodshed unheard of, our people, that common man we all left behind have turned deaf ears to every push by this demon. They should drag his demonic behind to The Hague!!!

    • If you tell lies repeatedly one day, it could become true” Joseph Goebbels. The three musketeers of the COI are nothing but the hit man for the grandiose wickedness the USA and its leech agent TPLF. By the way, Susan Rice congra for a job well done. This COI report could be a good reference for your kids thesis work…
      Eritrea will keep marching at its own pace for good
      A luta continua, —- vitória é certa.

  2. The Americans and the bunches of the west hate strong nations. Now they claim Eritrea is a dictator and has violated human rights. But these bloody west countries never talk about the human rights violations in Ethiopia. The tplf gangs in Addis have committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity. There are more than 100 000n thousands Oromos are languishing in the tplf jails, thousand murdered and tens of thousand deported. The Yankees and the EU never say anything about these crimes against Ethiopians. Why only Eritrea. The only reason is that Esayas refuse bow donwn on his knee for the Yankees.No body trusts the Americans. They are themselves terrorising the whole world including Ethiopia.

  3. Yemane monkey is the right hand man for dictator issyass . He also will br brought to the world criminal court . G7 , OLF and others , thier days are coming to end in Asmara .

  4. Western leaders and their organizations glorify/lionize criminals as long as they are obedient to them.
    TPLF is much more criminal than EPLF. TPLF has:
    – committed repeated genocide against various Ethiopians;
    – imprisoned and dehumanized day-in-day-out Ethiopians every where;
    – has killed Ethiopians all the time
    – robed the nation
    – seeded hate and put the nation in huge debt.
    For USA, UK and others TPLF is adorable. They say that because it has effectively destroyed the nation and demonized the people/society they considered to be enemy of white superiority.

  5. Politics is Dirty, I am Eritrean and i was a soldier for 10 years and i and my friends did a lot of big crimes against detains of different cases, we striped and hit them , we tie them in tree, we tie them the so called helicopter and #8……and we ALSO shoot THEM. At last when I stole and tried to flee to Sudan , caught and same happened to me in Golj, eritrea. while i was in jail i feel the pain and I realized How I was bad. After two years in jail, I run away and headed to Eruope, then I got confessed to God and to the individual people….but when the real freedom comes I know I will better serve to the community for my wrongdoing…WE COMMITED CRIME

  6. 1000 ግዜ ብትዋሹ
    እውነት ያሸንፋል ትንሹ
    የምእራብውያን ከንቱ ዜና
    ጥቅማቸውን ለመጠበቅ በዋና
    ስንት የሰው ሂወት ያጠፋው
    ወያኔ ያልተከሰሰው ለምንድነው
    የህዝብ መሬት ለነጮች የተሸጠው

  7. absolutely the report is correct.the regime led bybthe crazy leader of Isias has commited crimes agains humanitu and he and his collugua should be soon brought to Criminal court and the G7 and olf and onlf should be informed that thier husbando is on the way to criminal court and if they are free for thier action let them be out itherswise they(terror groups of onlf olf g7)
    are obliged to go with thier hasband (the crazy dog)to the court.this issue is what is needed to be debated

  8. 25 years ago 99.8% had chosen freedom against slavery. They have given two alternatives to choose the first one is freedom and the second one is slavery. This need further research and analysis why the people of Eritrea have give these two.controversial alternatives. Any how they have chosen freedom since they believe in living with their brothers means slavery. After 25 years the world has testemoning that they are in slavery.so please people of Eritrea come to your mind again…
    I really don’t not understand why Mr. Yemane is mentioning TPLF.At.least EPRDF is building DAMS ROADS SCHOOLS and so on while you have closed your door to inslave your own people.
    Eritreans were calculating that Ethiopia can not survive without out Eritrean ports. The actual thing is that all sourounding countries are begging Ethiopia to use their ports while Eritrea has blocked their door.

  9. Guys!!!Yemane is among the restricted person of the thirteen high officials of the Shabia party. Who allowed him to go out? He has already detained to stay in Asmera until the sanction resolved. I believe he is mischieving the UN.

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