Eritrean refugees rally for change in living conditions

Press TV

Eritrean refugeesThe demonstration reportedly happened simultaneously in all the four camps in the region that have a capacity of over 50,000 refugees.

The refugees urged the government to stop the forceful military deployment, torture, arbitrary detention, and severe restrictions on freedom of expression, association, and religious freedom, that they say are forcing them to flee their homeland.

The refugees feel that not enough attention has been granted by the international community on the cause of their plight and that is why everyday more refugees including unaccompanied minors cross over to Ethiopia for refuge.

According to Ethiopian authorities, the government receives an average of 50 Eritrean refugees every day. When they come here, they want a better life from what they had at home, but with time most of their desires change and many of them want resettlement in western countries.

Samira Mohammed fled Eritrea three and a half years ago with her two children and since then she is waiting for the day when she will get resettlement in the developed countries.. Her views represent the majority of the refugees especially the youth who are willing to take any risk to get out of Africa.

Many Eritrean refugees think they are being ignored. The few who have decided to try and make a life in Ethiopia have accepted the the opportunities that Ethiopia offers. The Ethiopian government has allowed them to move around the country in search legal of economic survival.

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