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Eritrean Exodus: Reversing The Trail Of Moses (Video)

In an act of complete desperation, a mainly Eritrean crowd of refugees in Israel have decided to March to the Sahara this Friday morning.

About one thousand refugees left the barbed wire protected Holot detention camp on their way to the Sahara to protest their mistreatment by Israeli authorities.
Eritreans have been escaping from their country in their tens of thousands for over a decade with no specific destination but in search of freedom. Tens of thousands are now found in many countries around the world.
UN records testify that 4000 Eritreans flee their country every month.
While many of those who made it to the West are already settled, others who ended up in the Middle East, mainly in Israel, were mostly rounded up and put in a detention camp.
Due to their large numbers, the refugees in Israel are in worse situation because they are not granted asylum. A refugee reached by telephone told Gedab News, “we found ourselves in similar situation to the one we escaped from!”
In 2013, Israeli authorities decided to intern refugees by rounding them up from cities where they resided for several years.
The rounded refugees, mainly Eritreans but including a few Sudanese and others, were take to the Holot detention camp in the Negev Desert. Around 2500 refugees are interned in the camp that the authorities call, “an open facility.”
The detained are considered illegal immigrants who violated Israel migration laws.
Before reaching Israel, many have suffered in the hands of ruthless human traffickers, hostage takers and human organ harvesters who crowd the Sinai Desert. Unknown numbers of victims have lost their lives in Sinai before making it to Israel.
Many of those who finally reached Israel had hefty amounts of ransom money paid on their behalf by their relatives who reside in many countries around the world.
While a small number of Eritrean refugees have comfortably settled in Israel, tens of thousands are left in a limbo without the protection of the Israeli state or UNHCR.
Recently the refugees have once attempted to march to the Egyptian side before they were stopped by border police at the demilitarized zone between Israel and Egypt.
The refugees who embarked on the journey to the Sahara have carried water and other necessities. But it doubtful if anyone can survive in such a difficult journey in deserts of the Middle East, or if they will be allowed to continue the journey in the first place.
Eritrean and Israeli human rights activists are appealing to the world community to find a quick solution to the predicament of the refugees.
Following the march, Israel authorities have arrested a few people at Holot Camp accusing them of being the organizers of the Sahara March.
Source: Awote.com

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  1. It is really sad to see this. They fought for 30 years, they got their so called independent land and now they migrated. What terrible situation it is!!!!

  2. Eritreans are the only people on earth to get independence and run away leaving it. Anyone on earth would be ashamed of that but for them no shame as a word exists. And that makes you ask if they are really human beings with healthy conscience. If you know no shame you are the worst animal on planet earth.
    As Ethiopians we think in terms of bringing a solution that includes even Eritreans but I doubt if Eritreans think in terms of that any farther than their mischievous mentalities which brought all of us to where we stand to day as people i.e the shamed face of the world.

  3. How they end up there? where is the nesante they had fought for “thirty years”? I am sorry to them.

  4. It is a sad exodus caused by tyrant Isaias and his cohorts> Ethiopians also are victims of migration and sufferings caused by injustice perpetrated by the TPLF/EPRDF brutal regime.

  5. What is going on? When are you going to see the truth?. Oh for god sake, enough, You have eyes but you can’t see, You have ears but you can’t hear. “Eritreans” you are the victims of falls history, You worship Esayase as a “GOD” but he turn out being evil, Why? Because the freedom was not freedom, you never been under the colony of Ethiopia, Haile selasy and Durg never represent Ethiopian people, All Ethiopians were killed, jailed, and suffer the same way as People live in Eritrea in the past. Look your self, who do you look like, what is your language? how do you celebrate holydays? wedding?and so on. They divided us, because that is the way politics works. We are not going to solve any thing alone,We need our brothers and sisters, ONE ETHIOPIA, ONE PEOPLE. It Is the only way to freedom.

    • mogn neger neh…one ethiopia will never work again .its better this way they gone..leave them alone..you should be happy..we got nothing in common except the language we share..they are mixed with arabas italians and british ppl..we r true african….look at the color of there skin..there slave mentality ,we ethiopian never have that we are proud ,hard working loving ppl no comparison with this mother fucken slaves..for them more is yet to come ,i get angry when i think what our government is doing for this slave idiot ..as giving them shelter,letting them into our university and college.while out youth eating chat on the corner store..and smoking shisha

  6. According to CNN report a couple of years ago More than 4000 Eritrean youths have lost their lives while trying to cross into Israel via Sinai Deseret. They were mainly massacred by Bedouin thugs in Sinai.A recent study conducted by a university in Europe revealed that Eritrean(Shabian) officials and people smugglers in Sudan and Sinai desert have extorted more than USD 600 million from the families of Eritrean immigrants estimated to be more than 36,000 in detention centre in Israel now. Eritrea is also one of the top ten source of refugees across the world with over 350,000(6% 0f the population) Eritrean still seeking refugee in neighbouring Ethiopia,Sudan,Egypt,South Sudn,Kenya and Uganda.
    Reuters reported this news just last week:”GENEVA, June 27 (Reuters) – The U.N. Human Rights Council agreed on Friday to set up a year-long inquiry into human rights in Eritrea, similar to previous high-level investigations into Syria, North Korea and Sri Lanka.
    It condemned what it said were “widespread and systematic” violations by Eritrea’s government, from arbitrary executions to restrictions on religion, detention of journalists and a shoot-to-kill policy for citizens trying to cross the border.”
    Eritreans have paid more sacrifice in terms of human lives,moral,psychological and material loses than they did for their independence before 1991.
    I pray day in and day out for my one time Ethiopian fellows for God to bring mercy to them.

  7. As East African, it makes me sick to see all these next generation to be sacrifices on the protection of savage leaders. The leaders are not killing one generation but , they make sure the next one is destroyed. As Ethiopian, this is my sense of understanding both countries Ethiopia and Eretria. A human labor is destroyed and degraded to earn the chance of leaving peacefully. The leaders power struggle to build their dynasty, is covering there sense of empathy.
    The leaders priority is not saving future generation but, their current power. Until strong action is taken for the right of survival by all East Africans Ethiopia, Eretria and Somali, our leaders same cycle will be for the generation to come.

  8. Ehmmm,you ethiopians?warning to you,do not insult eritreans,even if they have separeted from ethiopia,they are still our brother,things we see now is not for ever.even though they have been strugglling not to be a part of ethiopia,one thing to tell you is that yenat hodi zingurgur neew.some people one might be selfish for certain readon,but he cannot be selfish all his lif,atleast when mekera cames he ,she will start thinking again.leave ertirean alon.their hardship is same as ethiopian.

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