Eritrean Abraham Paulos Facing Trump Deportation Speaks Out

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Eritrean Abraham Paulos Facing Trump Deportation Speaks Out

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  1. The fact is no government around the globe want immigrants. They are overwhelmed and their resources are strained by continuous flow of immigrants. On the surface the media and some part of the public may advocate on behalf of the immigrants. However, deep inside many do say it is time to deport the migrants back to their homeland. That is why out of the blue Mr. Trump became the president of the United States of America. Even though, he run under the umbrella of the Republican party, for all practical purposes we can say he was a 3rd party candidate. Since he took the office we have seen unimaginable things from media confrontation to executive orders that were never considered by previous presidents.
    For example, Scandinavian countries took the unprecedented move to dismantle refugee camps in Norway, Sweden and other parts of the world telling the people to go where they came from. The future is dark for asylum seekers be it in North America or elsewhere in the world.
    I suggest we get our acts together and fix the issue at home and let us go back for good to live and work there. Mr. Paulos and others can speak out as much as they wish regarding their deportation, in the end it is the rules of the land that gets enforced. What happened to the motto that was on every Eritreans car which said “come to independent Eritrea”. I am a strong believer we are better off in our homeland than living in exile. I want to go home, I am sick and tired of fake news! We can contribute there and then greatly to make the land of our ancestors great.

  2. Why is he facing deportation? Had he committed any felony after he came to this country? If he did, it will be next to nothing he can do about it. It is in the law of the land that committing a felony will disqualify anyone who wants to remain in this country and acquire any kind of lawful residency. Now he is going around shooting his mouth off which will make the noose around his neck even tighter and tighter. If this guy was here in 1981 how come he was not able to get a residence permit since then? I don’t see any racism in here. Immigration officers are doing their job, rather effectively. I want to know beside his entry into the country illegally what other crimes he committed. When you come to this country and want to be accepted as a permanent residence and then a naturalized citizen you must obey the law of the land and keep your nose clean throughout. It sounds that this claim of ‘everything is because I am black’ is just a cop out. Robbery? There is no excuse for that.

  3. Dear Tesfa I agree with your comment. One of Austria Right wing party leader said on BBC I believe every one should live in his continent Africa is for African Asia for Asian Europe for European etc,This shows the world is completely changed . party want to win the vote should speak about immigration.

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