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Eritrea Says It Killed 200 Ethiopian Troops in Border Clash

MAP: Ethiopia and Eritrea
MAP: Ethiopia and Eritrea
  • Two countries have history of trading accusations of violence

  • Horn of Africa nations fought border war in 1998-2000

by Samuel Gebre
Eritrea said more than 200 Ethiopian troops were killed in June 12 clashes on their joint border, the latest in a series on confrontations since the Horn of Africa nations separated more than two decades ago.
A further 300 Ethiopian soldiers were wounded, Eritrea’s Information Ministry said Thursday in a statement on its website. The tolls are “conservative estimates,” it said. Ethiopian Communications Minister Getachew Reda didn’t answer two calls and a text message seeking comment.
The fighting erupted in the Tserona region, about 74 kilometers (46 miles) south of Eritrea’s capital, Asmara. Ethiopia’s government, which has accused its neighbor or sparking the fighting, said it “seriously weakened” Eritrea’s army and warned against further acts. It hasn’t given a death toll of its own.

Eritrea achieved independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after decades of armed struggle. The two countries fought again in 1998-2000 over the disputed territory of Badme in a war that left an estimated 70,000 people dead.

A United Nations boundary commission ruled in 2002 that Badme belonged to Eritrea. Ethiopia has rejected that ruling and still occupies the town. UN peacekeepers monitored a cessation of hostilities until they were withdrawn in 2008 because of what the global body says were “crippling restrictions” imposed by Eritrea.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his deputy on Wednesday urged both governments to “exercise maximum restraint and refrain from any act or statement that could exacerbate the situation,” Ban’s office said on his website. Both countries should use peaceful means and ensure the full implementation of a 2000 peace agreement, they said.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com

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  1. The question should be why can’t people stop killing each other intentionally through wars or otherwise. The killing of 200 Ethiopian soldiers by Eritrea is not news worthy in my view. You just killed your own brothers and sisters. Hurrah! Enjoy the killing fields. What makes me angry is, there is nothing worth to die for from either side. What a waste of life and resources.

  2. Tesfa,
    Thank you!
    This two killer gangs i.e. EPLF and TPLF are collections of wrong births of the two people.
    These gangs are insidiously instituted within the global neocolonial scramble. They knowingly rather ignorantly implement the new Westerns’ scramble for Eastern resources and extradition of the Eastern people.
    The 2000 war was aimed at joint extradition of specifically the Ethiopian armed skills and potential threats to TPLF and also EPLF. The current war is just the same. It is started with the aim of extradicting the internal and external change forces against both gangs.
    To me it is a war which both gangs consider as way out. It is a coo-planned war.

  3. The analysis/argument by AFP fully supports my claim ” this war is a cooplanned venture as wayout to both gangs”.
    Here is what AFP has to say:
    “We fought for Eritrean independence from the colonial rule of Ethiopia. TPLF has paid a sacrifice for Eritrea greater than the combined sacrifice of the two Eritrean organizations – ELF and EPLF. Even if today Eritrea is attacked, EPRDF will jump into Eritrea, join the Eritrean people and engage the enemy.” – Sebhat Nega on Radio Woyane (May 28, 2007).Sebhat is an influential member of the ruling TPLF party, and is known for promoting an anti-Ethiopia agenda. How is a war committee that includes Sebhat-like individuals to lead Ethiopia to victory over the Eritrean regime? So, the latest war with Eritrea could be another exercise in futility for battered Ethiopia.
    Source: http://www.ethiomedia.com/1012pieces/5635.html

  4. First of all it is not right to say Ethiopian army while 70Tgrai General and none of them are from different ethinc. The aim of TPLF on Patriotic G-7 (Freedom fighters )for Ethiopian. I think Shabia is ready for protecting his country. Your General’s computing on how to build a biggest Mall or building a luxury hotels, home and so on by killing Oromo and all other Ethiopian. You supposed to advise them before now the time is Over.

  5. Breaking news
    Hundreds of Eretrians diaspora flooded the immigration ministry to escape soon to b hell Asmara !

  6. You think weyane can challenge shaebia militarily? You must be day dreaming. Shaebia and its military might and sacrifice are the ones that destroyed derg”s mighty army.Weyane thru the help of hezbawi genbar controlled tigray and derg gave up.The coward weyanes you think can fight alone.No way.Weyane your time is up.Ethiopians and Eritreans know your evil intentions.Get ready to pack up to Mekelle.Evil minded crooks.No body wants to live with you.You are hated by Urages,Oromos,Amharas and Ethiopian masses.At the same time Eritreans hate you the most.

  7. Shabian wounded flooded hospitals in
    Keren , Asmara and a military hospital .
    Residents of Tsorena say
    Woyane’a might made them thought it was a dooms day . Shabia get ready to die !!!0

  8. ✝ — BREAKING NEWS — ✝
    2157 young Eritreans had surrendered at Ethio-Eritrea border to be refugee in Ethiopia✝. The united nation refugee agencies now fearing further Eritreans flooding in to Ethiopia. Please refer to the world refugee websites for further info.

  9. Kassahun aka Tigre thugs and other Tigres trolling the web:
    Your lie is released from the TPLF lie manufacturing Dedebit. Crawl back to your rocky Dedebit. Not only that you are ignorant but your deception and misinformation is beyond the pale,

  10. @Kashun,
    Thank you for sharing the info, However I had already read the surrendered Eritreans at other site. I am glad that our peaceful country is a shelter for those who are hopeless and starving souls.

  11. አይይይ !!!!!!!!ምነው ምነው በጣም አሳነሳችሀት አንድ አራት አምስት ሽውን ነበር እንጅ መጨፍጨፍ እሁን እኔን ደስ እንዲለኝ ክፈለጋችሁ ተመለሱና ቢያንስ እምስት ሽውን ገንጥሉና ኑ።

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