Eritrea president targeted by new Swedish law

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Swedish law firm reports Isaias Afewerki and several ministers to the police for crimes against humanity.
2011728152312414734_20Several top Eritrean leaders have been reported to the police for crimes against humanity by a Swedish law firm, as a new law took effect enabling such crimes committed anywhere else in the world to be prosecuted in Sweden.
The report lists a series of alleged crimes including torture and kidnapping, and targets Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki and several of his ministers by name.
“This is not only symbolic. We believe there are legal grounds to prosecute the people we have named,” human rights lawyer Percy Bratt told the AFP news agency on Tuesday.
The legal move, the first of its kind in Sweden, was filed the same day that crimes against humanity were introduced into the Swedish penal code.
The code enables judges to prosecute crimes regardless of where they have been committed or by whom.
“There is a lot of evidence from human rights groups, particularly about indefinite imprisonment without trial (in Eritrea),” Bratt said.
“There are also many Eritreans in Sweden who could give information about the conditions in the country in general.”
According to the latest figures, 12,800 Eritreans live in Sweden, and the number of asylum seekers from the country keeps growing.
Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned in Eritrea since 2001, and 13 years on little is known of his fate.
Bratt said that even if the case was taken on by the prosecutors, it could take years before criminal charges were laid, given the complexity of the allegations.
Eritrea, with a population of five million and a size about the same as Britain, is one of the most isolated and secretive countries in the world.
According to the United Nations, 4,000 Eritreans flee the country every month to escape ruthless repression, including unlimited forced labour for the government.
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  1. Eritrean problem is not solved by other country low, we put ourselves in this mess, by allowing others to determine our future. We as a people need to find out what is the truth, what went wrong? and how to fix it. Marching in the desert or demonstrate in street of Europe, USA, and so on is not a solution. Do not afraid to tell the truth. It is time to ask unity with your brothers and sisters ETHIOPIAN, Do not discourage by few who are full of hate and fear of unity, they fear because they will not achieve their goal if people unite.

  2. President Isaias Afeworki been targeted by Emperor Haile Slahasi ,by president Mengistu ,and by the late PM Melese . This is not new the fact of the mater is President Isaias is loved by majority of Eriteran people and always will please don’t waste yours and my time by posting such garbage if they need him bad they can find him in Asmara down town coffee shop with his people !!!

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