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EPRPYL-ኢወክንድ ተነስ ይላል!!

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party Youth League (EPRPYL), calls on all Ethiopian youth to carry on their call of duty in order to bring Democracy and justice to our beloved country Ethiopia. In the last three year EPRPYL has made marked progress in expanding its base and its organizational structures in different continents as well as in several places in Ethiopia. Many young Ethiopians both inside and outside Ethiopia joined its ranks and various EPRPYL branches were established in different cities of America and Canada, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Africa and clandestinely in different parts of Ethiopia. The EPRPYL PR committee is one of newly formed committees established by the first congress of EPRPYL and has been commissioned to undertake all forms of PR work of the organization. Therefore, anyone who has queries about our organization or interested to know about EPRPYL’s goals, aims, objectives, activities etc. can contact the PR committee of EPRPYL through the following addresses. You can call us, you can e‐mail us, visit our website, or you can leave messages on our voice mail.
Telephone no : 202‐291‐5832 e‐mail:
Postal address: eprpyl, P.O.Box 56068, Washington DC, 20056
Visit us:

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