ENTC has sent letters to the British Prime Minister (Ethiopian National Transitional Council)

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ENTCENTC has sent letters to the British Prime Minister, The British Parliament, British Labour Party, United  Nations, International Red Cross and The Church of England to apply pressure on the TPLF regime and also  ensure the safety and immediate release of the abducted G7 Secretary General Ato Andargachew Tsege,  recently jailed opposition leaders Ato Abraha Desta, Ato Habtamu Ayalew, Ato Yeshiwas Assefa, Ato  Daniel Shibeshi and others. .…..Read More —-


  1. I think and well from the developing status of the abduction of Ato Andargachew can any one put a question mark on the possibilities of the co-agreement between the British gov’t and the TPLF. I am wondering if the British gov’t keeps silent for a long time & do nothing if one of their ‘white’ People were abducted on the same way as that of Andargachew Tsige. The parameter that indicates the underground bilateral agreement between the two countries to abduct the true Ethiopians is becoming higher as the time goes as well as nothing has been done from the Britains. Britains were not successful to colonize the Ethiopians before the Italians tried to do it. But now they are successfull to surrender Our hero, who has decided to sacrifies his life, families and all he owns to the advantages of the People of Ethiopia.
    Long live Andargachew Tsige, Your sacrifies gives us more energy to struggle unjustice.

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