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ENTC calls for immediate release of Ato Andargachew Tsege

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July 1, 2014
ENTCENTC expresses its deep concern and outrage on the illegal detention of Mr Andargachew Tsege,  Secretary of Ginbot 7 for Justice, Freedom and Democracy by the Yemeni security forces. It is clear that  the criminal TPLF regime in Ethiopia is the mastermind of this arrest. The regime is continuously  engaged in dismantling opposition groups by completely blocking their access to the people, imprisoning  and harassing their leaders, weakening their capacity and cracking down on their supporters.
ENTC urges the government of Yemen to come to its senses and avoid leaving a permanent scar with the  Ethiopian people by immediately releasing Mr Andargachew and not transfer him to the Ethiopian  criminal regime. All Ethiopians must stand together in applying pressure for his release. Freedom loving  Ethiopians should continue the struggle with this brutal regime with more resolve.


  1. DOWN WITH THE FASCIST ethnicist Tigre people liberation front. Andargachew Tsgie has been the target of the ethnicist fascist Tigre people liberation front for a long time, He has been accused by the treasonous Tplf for treason and detained several times. the murderous Tplf gangsters even sent paid agents to where mr Ardargachew was staying hoping to murder him. Now they are trying to get him through Yemen. There is no doubt about it.
    The British embassy must get involved to secure his release. WE MUST URGE not only Yemen embassies but also the British embassy to work for his release. woyane take your hands off!!

  2. Tha e first one of the intlgnt man of Ethiopia andargachew tsege secretary of ginbot7 we love him all Ethiopia people we are revenge the government of Yemen and all so eprdf with in a few seconds you can not ditand

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