English Documentary: The Hidden Genocide of Amharas | What The world need to know

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English Documentary: The Hidden Genocide of Amharas | What The world need to know

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  1. One should know the eliminating of the Amhara people started while TPLF was in the bushes fighting for the liberation of Tigray. After the demise of the military Junta and the consequent takeover of power by the ruthless TPLF, the country became the playground of the Tigrreans in all sectors of the country. The country is divided along ethnic line and left without an official language to help accelerate the pillage of the country’s resources by the TPLF. Confuse the rest of the languages and we can still communicate with ours!
    People that profess to represent the Amhara people are Trojans deep inside the belly of the TPLF, tasked to do the dirty job of their master the TPLF. Below are a few of the methods TPLF used and still use to eliminate Amhara’s.
    1. Systematic killing/Torture and disappearance
    2. Spreading disease such as Cholera and typhoid and many other diseases among the unsuspecting innocent Amhara people. Check the recent news out of Bahir Dar. That is not a coinciedent!
    3. Systematic poisoning through food, drink, and even clothing
    4. Systematic use of birth control and the killing of infants using their agents in hospitals and clinics.
    5. Depopulation by instigating ethnic groups against Amhara’s and exposing the survivors to untold suffering and slow death due to starvation.
    6. Those that are educated Amhara’s they are told to be servitude of the current regime and its satellites, if they fail to surrender they are removed from jobs, insulted and kidnapped and killed in broad daylight.
    Ethiopia under TPLF is only for Tigreans. No other group can have a share. Take a look of the military structure, does that look like a country that is made up of many ethnic groups? Not at all. It is all illiterate blood drenched hungry old fighters of the TPLF that are in charge from bottom to top brass. We hear and read now, TPLF is transporting materials and resources to Tigray day and night, such is their brain that thinks Tigray can survive without the rest of the country. That is why they are transporting people and everything day and night. The fact is this: Ethiopia without the Tigreans is a person with no sight, Tigray without the rest of Ethiopia is a man without a head. The only thing logical is oneness, unity and civility. Such words do not exist in the vocabulary of the narrow minded TPLF, all they see is one thing. Themselves! The elimination of Amhara’s will continue unabated unless the world and concerned Ethiopians within the country and abroad expose their systematic elimination by their own government the TPLF. I am aware other ethnic groups are persecuted by the TPLF. I dare to say none like the Amhara’s. They have been killing them the day TPLF set foot in the lower regions of Gondar and Tigray.
    Many Ethiopians are naïve. Especially religious groups are the leaders in this: TPLF is no other government in the history of Ethiopia. They are worse than the Italian Fascists. Thinking TPLF will listen and abide by any agreement that is negotiated by priests, and Imams is a hopeless endeavor. They may use it to buy time otherwise they do not listen to anyone other than the beat of their own drum. What the Ethiopian people did not know is this: Anyone who is Tigrean living anywhere in Ethiopia – this includes men and women are armed by the TPLF, they have been given armaments long time ago. They have distribution centers for arms in people’s homes. A simple call will send these people to collect the most advanced gun and fire it against their own neighbors. That is exactly what happened in Bahir Dar. These guns are equipped with target finder and distance calculator all you need is point and shoot once the target is in the cross hairs. That is why people that are gunned down by the recent disturbance around the country were hit on the head. they are no sharp shooters! If anyone thinks, they can negotiate and save the country from its impending disintegration, I say check the heads of Dr. DeberTseion, Spymaster Getachew, and Abay Woldu. It is full of hate and deceit. Depopulation of Amhara’s is a passion for these people. The only way we can save our country is by returning fire and dying while killing the killers. You fool who think, these butchers will have a change of heart, I can assure you the chance of that happening is nil. They are bent to destroy what unites us.

  2. The sad truth is Amhara elites, and non Amhara Ethiopians do not give a shit about the killing and displacement of Amharas as a result we are seeing disgruntled Amhara youth who want to create an Independent Amhara State and if the alienation and abide of Amharas continue the free Amhara Nation idea will get traction and disintegrate Ethiopia and the losers will be minority Ethiopians who will be in a difficult situation to have their own country with ten thousand population and right now thses miniriries are busy demo using Amharas following the racist teaching of Tigres

  3. I’m the physical whiteness of this genocide done especially in the north shewa area of Amhara regional state.

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