Engidazer Nega: Recalling the queen of laughter

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by Eduardo Byrono

Years before she came across the unexpected chance of working with ETV as a journalist presenting entertainment shows, news and also joining the two greatest male comedians Lemenhe and Albeachew to become a household name on television….,
….the late queen of laughter Artist Engeda’Zere Nega of Gojam 1952-2004 was trained as a teacher and has taught in certain school in Debere’Marcose for 11 years.
Artist Engeda was truly born to act and was so qualified of acting in all kind characters in different TV dramas, short comedies, contributing her own talent and has made the whole nation cheerfully entertained for nearly 20 years.
Now many of her fans have openly said that a Television comedy has never been the same after the sudden passing of the queen of laughter.
The unforgettable Artist Engedazer Nega was also a responsible lady outside of her work, she was so friendly and easy to get long but suddenly in the year 2004, the selfless comedian has met a serious accident at her place of work while rehearsing one of her shows and never recovered from it.
The Beautiful entertainer has left a mark that may never fade away plus leaving us all smiling to remember her in laughter, to celebrate her life in each passing day and to keep her name above the grave.

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