Emperor Halie Selassie to be canonized as a saint

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July 23, 2019
Ejersa Goro, Harar
Mulugeta Haile

For the 127th birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie, Abuna Selama, the Archbishop of the Hara region had instructed the heads of the 53 churches in his archdiocese to hold special prayers and to speak about the contributions of the Emperor to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Melak Sahal, chief administrator of the 53 churches, said: “The Ethiopian Orthodox Church never forgets the Emperor’s contribution to our ancient church’s glory. Today, on his birthday, we will still talk more about his astounding contributions.”

Melak Selam Tebebu, head of the St Trinity Church in Harar, despite his health, came out to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday and said, “It is not we who give a testimony for the Emperor’s inputs, but his colossal and exceptional works which they speak volumes to save our preaching.”

Jorge Mandes, who came for the occasion from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said: “People of Harar are friendly and warm like the Emperor’s approach to humanity. Out of humanity, the Emperor advocated for the survival of mankind in the international arena.” Jorge Mandes, has recently built a tabernacle, ‘Selassie House’, in his home town, Rio de Janeiro. His younger daughter, Nayana Mendes attending services at St Kidan Mehert Church in Harar, said: “My father taught me a lot about Emperor Haile Selassie’s role in the world and I grew up with great history of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and now here I am celebrating the Emperor’s birthday in Harar with my father.”

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This morning, Melak Sebatu Bekalu, head of Ejersa Goro Churuch, said, “Hamlae 16(July 23) is an appropriate day to honor the legacies of the Emperor. One day, Ejersa Goro, a birth place of the Emperor will be an international town as the result of the Emperor’s repetition.” Priest Moges, head of Kombolcha Church, said, “Kombolcha, Harar is a depository of the Emperor’s childhood history. A high moral ground of the Emperor was groomed right here in his early learning period.”

SID-Ethiopia, Stand for Integrated Development Ethiopia, an NGO based in Harar sent a message to the holy synod of the Ethiopia Orthodox Church in Addis Ababa, which stated that the Emperor’s legacies qualified him to be canonized as a saint like King Lalibela, the 12th century Ethiopia’s leader.

It is to be noted that in 1965, the Emperor was honored by five Oriental Orthodox Churches: Egypt, Syria, India, and Armenia as a “Defender of the Faith”, similar to ‘Saint’ for his unwavering commitment being a voice of morality which is absent in today’s world leaders. Through his guidance, the Emperor helped to bring the above churches’ leaders around table for the first time after 431 A.D.

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A long awaited debt of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church remained at large as he was the one who liberated it from Egyptian direct rule after 1600 long years. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church gained its full independence in 1959 with the proven diplomacy skill of the Emperor. This alone meets the criteria of recognition of sainthood.

As an apostle, the Emperor expanded the Ethiopia Orthodox Church’s philosophy in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St.Tomas, St. Kitts, the United Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Guyana, South Africa, Sudan, and Djibouti through his messenger, Abuna Yesehaq, posthumously called St Yesehaq by his disciples, the Jamaican Orthodox.

The Emperor inspired millions of Rastafarians throughout the world to be more Ethiopian than the Ethiopian themselves. According to study, the majority of Ethiopian youth today would prefer to be identified with their ethnicities rather than Ethiopian nationality. How can one run a country without the sense of nationality? If the western embassies in Addis Ababa offered visas, no single youth would remain in Ethiopia today. The country is like an open prison for the youth whose mind and soul abroad, but for the Rastafarian Ethiopia is remained to be a holy ground.


In conclusion, the legacies of Haile Selassie that were eclipsed for 45 years in Ethiopia have finally shined at his birthday through the shadows of the Harar region. Despite ethnic tensions over the cloud of Ethiopia, the Emperor’s legacies still shed light rather than shadow.

History has bestowed eight vitals upon Ethiopia since the 1930s, seven to the Emperor Haile Selassie and one to his adversaries who dragged Ethiopia first to communism and now to tribalism.

Happy 127th birthday!




  1. Ps stop this nonsense! Canonising HIM is nothing more than the usual routines of honouring sin. HIM is nothing more than the symbol of tyranny in Ethiopia who presided over the man eating feudal system fro 43 years. If you hare Mengistu and Meles, there is no reason to like HIM who is the very reason for the coming of the two evils

  2. The recent result released by from a study held in the Southern region of Ethiopia , did not ask us if we like the ethnic federalism system to continue or if we want the ethnic federalism system abolished.

    The study only asked us if we want Sidama to become it’s own state separated from the Southern state or not , obviously we said we like to see the Southern state stay as it is now rather than seeing Sidama separating from the Southern state.

    Many Southern state residents want to see የጃንሆይ አይነት ፌደራሊዝም ሲስተም ( Fiscal Federalism system) replacing the ethnic federalism system in a much faster pace in Ethiopia, the current slow pace the replacement of ethnic federalism system with the የጃንሆይ አይነት ፌደራሊዝም ሲስተም ( Fiscal Federalism system) going too slow in Ethiopia which is the main reason for the unnecessary growing crisis we see in Ethiopia.

    የጃንሆይ አይነት ፌደራሊዝም ሲስተም ( Fiscal Federalism system) is the type of Federalism in which the money bag controls everything. This gives Congress massive amounts of power as it is responsible for the American treasury. It can therefore limit the budget of any other political department it does not believe is working towards the best interest of America. There have been several instances in our history however of times when Congress has given full of the treasury to the President. One example of this would be the Tonkin Gulf Resoultion in 1964 which gave President Johnson the ability to, “expressing the unity and determination of the United States in supporting freedom and in protecting peace in southeast Asia”. Which as anyone can see leaves a wide space open for interpretation. To quote Dr Berry, it was essentially a “blank check”

    The definition has changed over time and history has shown us that our own actions have created a few new forms of Federalism in American’s times of crisis.

  3. Although this is great for the Orthodox Church to recognize His Majesty in such High Honours. But the reality of it all is that Qedamawi Haile Selassie is Igziabeher (GOD Almighty). It is he that make Saints and Prophets. So, to canonzie God is actually a cunning blasphemous demotion of the Highest. Jehovah is Haile Selassie this info came from Jesus Christ Primus St. Croix. Becuse that, when they knew God (Haile Selassie) they glorified Him not as God Romans1/21…

  4. You guys recognize as you like but as Eritrean already recognized as devil becouse he kills lots of Eeitreans

    • After 30 years why don’t you just leave Ethiopia alone.Many who comment on Ethiopian sits have no good to say except complaining,you could be a Weyane posing as an Eritrean. But if you are Eritrean,please be concerned about your own man who has been there for 30 years in power at Asmara.

  5. Ethiopian church canonized zerayacob as a saint because he killed innocent people in the name of hersey but inwardly it was because they objected his authoritarian leadership.

    Fasiledes was also killing people who have hairs in their body in a way it is not considered normal; Hailesilasee was killing people whose eyebrow of left eye and right eye get connected , kidib yegetemwun be bishotu hayik yisewu neber.

    Many people were sacrificied by hailmesilasse in a lake located in BIshoftu, DEbrezeit.

    Malicious and ridiculous act of ther church we could remember and teach to generations to come.

    Using religious power for sth biased and nonsanctified. JUst performing funeral ceremony to people committing sucide when these people are rich and denying this privilege when they are poor.

    Funny and absurd at a time;

  6. With due respect to some contribution of Emperor Haileselassie to Africa and to Ethiopia in general,I do not believe making him a saint is appropriate in terms of sound Christian doctrine or his personal history.The emperor was smart to use opportunities and took power by removing Eyassu who was the right person in the linage to be king and there was rumor that the death of empress Zawditu whom the emperor followed in the throne.Great veterans who fought for Ethiopia hanged by the emperor including belay Zeleke of Gojam and Takele Woldehaywart jailed for years and died in house arrest .Credible journalists and crtcs killed by the emperor security like Asamnew Gabrewold,Tilahun Gezaw ,Mamo Mezmer etc The political crisis and poverty of Ethiopia is a result of his evil rule where he took all power and his daughter Tenagne was more powerful that the French educated Prime Minster Aklilu Habtewold.The emperor refused advice from great Ethiopians like Dr Hadis Aleyaheu and his cousin Ras Imru and the peasants were like slaves to land lords oppressed very much with out ownership of their own indigenous land.

  7. In the bible Jesus was revealed himself as an old man to a woman who had asked the Lord to visit her house. Similarly, God manifested himself in the human personality of the Kings of Kings H.I.M the First. No leader or King alive today can do what he did.Beside being direct descendant of King Solomon and many more things that you may or may not already know: He the only African leader who gave land to Africans that were enslaved by the west…who else but only H.I.M. If you believe in today’s prophets to lead you to heaven, I believe in King Selassie. Jahhhhhh Rastafariìiiiiii!!!

  8. በፈጠራችሁ አታስቁብን። መሣቂያና መሣለቂያ አታድርጉን። ለንጉሡ ያለንን ፍቅር በቅጡ እንያዝ። ቅድሥና ለማንና ለምን መቼ እንደሚሠጥ እንወቅ። በሥሜት አንነዳ። ነገ ደግሞ መለስንም “ቅዱሥ ወብፁዕ መለስ” የሚል ዕብድ ይኖር ይሆናል። የጉድ ሀገር። የሥራ ፈቶች ሥራ ነው። በሥንቱ ነው የምንቃጠለው?

  9. He is one of my all time favorite being I feel fortunate to have met loving people who shared this heritage with me. Summer 2019. A VanAttaK

  10. Jah live…infinitley… fire bun politricks… until the philosophy that hold 1 race superior & another inferior until the color of a man skin is more significant than the color of his eyes until human bondage is totally abandoned ..everywhere there will be war ..east west north & south……get up stand up..for ur rights…RASTAFARIAN Nation LIVES ON ..can’t get we out of this race… songs of freedom

  11. Why don’t they canonize the devil itself? The thought itself exposes what a political entity the so called ‘Ethiopian Orthodx Church’ is. Surely, since the cronation of Yikuno Amlak as the ‘resurrection’ of the the bis dato non-existent “Solomonic dynasty” through the fiction created by the debteras with the secret agreement that the church gets a third of the arable land of the empire, the church remained one of the pillars of the Habesha emperors until H/Selassie. Minilik, honouring that agreement gave the Orthodox church one-third of the newly conquered lands of the Oromo, Sidama, Welayta, etc, so that the church had Oromo and southern serfs (including muslims) as any of the Fitawraris of Minilik. H/Selassie cosolidated their hold on these conquered lands during his long reign, so the current desire of Habesha clergy to raise a bloody despot like H/S to sainthood, is only a testimony of the direct involvement of the church in the barbaric colonial subjugation of the Oromo and other Southerners.

    Let them go forward with the ínsane idea. The Oromo and the other hitherto colonized peoples must rethink if the “Ethiopian Orthodox Church” is really a religious establishment or just one of the countless “ethiopian” aka Amhara political organizations!

  12. Hellow Henok,

    I am a proud Ethiopian who happens to be a Gurage. ለኛ ጉራጌዎች ኢትዮጵያዊነት ቅንጦት ሳይሆን የህልውና ጥያቄ ነው!

    Typing in Amharic takes so much time, so I will write in English.

    I supported Abiy like everyone else, until I did not. I was furious at what was happening in Addis and around the country. Did Abiy trick us?

    I was almost convinced that he did …. then I started thinking …..

    I am sure you have noticed from the beginning the tension that existed between Abiy and Jawar Mohammed the ቦርጫም ባላገር. I am now convinced that it’s not Abiy who is tricking us but this degenerate ቦርጫም ባላገር! Let me explain myself.

    I do think that Abiy is way too ambitious to be contented by little Oromia. Abiy thinks big. Abiy thinks a strong Ethiopia. Oromia is Jawar Mohammed’s all consuming project; thus, the conflict between the two.

    So, if you were Jawar Mohammed (who, by the way, have always accused Abiy of lacking የኦሮሞ ስነልቦና), what would you do?

    አብይን ህዝብ እንዲጠላው ታደርጋለህ!

    This is precisely what the ቦርጫም ባላገር have almost succeeded in doing. Just consider what you currently think of Abiy? You don’t trust him, do you? Well, I think that’s precisely where Jawar Mohammed want you to be, wants all of us to be; to distrust Abiy, and abandon the political stage for the likes of Oromianists like himself and; his allies, the equally and always anti-Ethiopia TPLF mafia now waiting in Mekele for the right moment to strike back!

    I think people often forget that most of our Oromos have been hopelessly poisoned and conditioned by the TPLF mafia to break the country up. That was the TPLF mafia’s plan all along. Abiy surprised us, but the majority of rank and file ODP still see Ethiopia as an imperial project that must be confronted and challenged, and not as their own country to be cherished and protected. And I am afraid this is the opportunity Jawar the ቦርጫም ባላገር is exploiting as we speak to weaken Abiy push him aside, leaving Ethiopia in the hands of hard core Oromianists like himself.

    You see, Jawar knows full well that Abiy needs to be very careful not to lose the support the rank and file hard core Oromianists, lest they push him out of power in a heartbeat. Abiy is just one person, and even Obo Lema cannot save him if the mob of Oromianists stood against him. Jawar the ቦርጫም ባላገር is exploiting this political opening to create a serious conflict between Abiy and his Ethiopianist supporters in Amhara region, Addis Ababa, and the diaspora. And unfortunately, all of these three groups are falling into the trap set for us by Jawar the ቦርጫም ባላገር!

    What were these traps?

    * Addis belongs to Oromia

    * The killing and imprisonment of thousands of Addisabans

    * The massacre in Burayu

    * The demolition of homes around Addis and the cruel displacement of women and children that followed

    * Openly threatening the Abiy government to distribute new condominiums to Oromos or else!

    * Openly encouraging the violent break up of the South, look what is happening in Sidama?

    * Filling Federal, military, and municipal (in Addis) positions almost exclusively by Oromos to the chagrin, furry, distrust, and frustration of everyone; but particularly, ADP and its constituency (creating in the process a tension so dangerous that it culminated in the tragic bloodshed we have witnessed a couple of weeks ago). This, by the way, is exactly what Jawar the ቦርጫም ባላገር wanted. Jawar the ቦርጫም ባላገር knows full well that a weakened, fragile, and divided Amhara region is a strategic necessity for the ultimate realization of his Oromia nation state. The weakening of the Amhara region at this point in Ethiopian history is the weakening, perhaps even dismemberment, of mama Ethiopia. But look what a considerable number of Amharas are saying and doing these days, including, yes, you, my friend. Everyone is targeting Abiy; unfortunately, they just don’t realize that that’s precisely what Jawar the ቦርጫም ባላገር riled them up to do; to weaken Abiy, and thereby, weaken the Ethiopianists. Just consider how reckless, how dangerous and idiotic Asaminew Tsige acted! The killing of the Amhara high ranking officials has been very damaging; however, deliberately infecting the rank and file of the Ethiopian military with such volatile ethnic strife at such a politically volatile time …. there are just no strong enough words to describe how reckless that crime was! Now, what are our Amharas doing? Why, they are hurling insult at each other! ኢትዮዽያችንን እንዲያድኑልን ስንመካባቸው: እራሳቸው በቀበሌ ተከፋፍለው ይነታረካሉ! What a shame that is! Now, the other day, you read Tsemesgen Desalegn’s piece on Haileselassie. I have no issue with Temesgen Desalegn praising Haileselassie, but do think that his targeting of Abiy is misguided. I mean, there is no one directly targeting Jawar Mohammed! No one! That was precisely what I hopped to address in cooperation with you, but you are not interested. No one is interested. Worse, everyone is focusing on the wrong target!

    እግዛብሄር ኢትዮዽያችንን በታምሩ ይጠብቃት! ጩኸቷንና ጭንቀቷን የሚሰማ ልጅ ጨርሶ አጥታለች::

  13. Canonizing as saint has its own procedures according to church history.With due respect to the contribution of emperor Haileselassie to the modern Ethiopia education and other major issues like historical speech at League of nations about the invasion of Fascist Italy that was not listened by those western power whom became victims of the fascist later and his establishment of the fist constitution for Ethiopia and formation of African union both didn’t bear fruit.
    The many advice to the emperor by his cousin Ras Imru and Dr Hadis Alemayehu never accepted and patriots like Belay Zeleke hanged and others jailed and finally overthrown by a military junta that took training to protect him.The hidden hunger at Wolo and other acts of the emperor doesn’t qualify him to be saint.No matter the weakness ,emperor Hileselassie should be recognized as one of African unity pillars.

  14. Saint Haileselassie? So what miracles are attributable to the late emperor? Wha makes him deserving of sainthood? He was a very manipulative & intriguing politician but saintly is nonsense. A man who hid the immense famine caused suffering of millions of his people from the eyes of the world, the one who systematically eliminated the true anti fascist patriots of Abyssinia and honored those who collaborated with the fascists? This must be a joke! He was a blasphemous one in fact because he declared himself “Anointed by God”. The reality was that he played a primary role in the liquidation of the visionary & progressive prince Iyasu,

  15. abba janhoy tsedeku des yilal

    yamara tselotu derese

    it is funny eotc based in bahir dr will also sanctify Gen Asaminew tsige soon and other amhara officials. But, he consutructed many churches in dessert let alone in Addis ababa.I could testify that !!

    we will see it only time will tell

  16. Edward Ullendorf, a former & the late professor at Harvard once said: ” when great men try to describe Haile Selassie, he remained to be great but…
    Do you know that “The Difender of the Faith” title that was given to him by Indian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Armenian Orthodox leaders was more powerful than a saint ? How many people received that title ? NONE. Saint is simply means Kedus. There are so many people in Ethiopia are calling by that name, whose works are one match with the Emperor. As the author indicated that it was the Emperor who liberated the Ethiopian from Egyptian.If the liberator is not called Kedus who els could be called Kedus ? Is it not a Kedus thing to liberate one from being spiritually colonized?
    In order to be saint you have to have 3 quilties, the Emperor had more than that.
    Professor Ullendorf said ” the average Ethiopian will take them 100 years to understand the Emperor whose EQ(emotional intelligence)was head of his time. He also said one day the UN will honor the Emperor for his point of view about the survival of man kind.”

    Speaking of saint: Saint Paul was dedicated to persecuting the early Christians.Prophate Mohammed killed so many people. The Catholic canonized so many people as saint whose truck record were anti semitic.The Emperor was known as the first world leader who forgave his enemies: the fascist Italians. Gandhi & Mandela followed his steps. Weather we called him Kedus or not, The OAU called him “The Father of Africa”

    Let small mind talk about little thing about the great Emperor who stood tall in the middle of the 20th century world leaders.

  17. The canonizing of saint or Kedus is not about the Emperor who comes in many titles much bigger than saint but the Orthodox Church itself which was colloberted with Comminest Derge regime & with tribalist Woyane also. In order to clean the Church’ sins the Orthodox must honor the Emperot. During the Derg regime only the hermits remained loyal to the Emperor while the church leader played the role of Judas’including Abuna Tefelos, the patriarch of Ethiopia. Hear me Mengestu Hailmariam the Emperor that you thought you killed, he is here to demand justice.

  18. i love the article, God bless, the writer from Ejersa Goro, which school you teach or have learned such English in this caliber ?

  19. Damos Gracias y Alabanzas al Rey de Reyes
    Señor de Señores, León Conquistador de la Tribu de Judah, Emperador Haile Selassie I JAH RASTAFARI, Luz del Mundo!! ???
    Bendiciones de Paz y Amor a todos los Etíopes por el mundo, por esta hermosa Noticia… La Comunidad Rastafari de Chile envían saludos a todos los hermanos y hermanas!!!
    Larga Vida a Su Majestad Imperial ??????

  20. Let the blessing process post pond for the next century because no one in Ethiopia has clean hand including Abuna Matias and Abuna Markoryos, the two patriarchs to consecrate the Emperor as a saint. Probably Dalai Lama can do the sanctification process, he is the only spiritual leader who has a moral authority to do this historical mission. God bless Mulugeta Haile

  21. Hope this canonization process will not be like SEED which honored the Emperor last year. Members of SEED are known as a product of that generation which was shouted “Down with the Emperor”. The Emperor should not be canonized by unholy patriarch.

  22. Andargachew Tsege & Yared Tebebu recently recognized the Emperor’s greatness. During their youth however, they were raised arms to fight the Emperor with communist mentality. But 45 years later they regretted what they have done.These politicaians are now considered by today’s generation as a smart. Imagine if these ‘smarts’ took them 45 years, how many will take to averages who grew up through the area of anti Haile Selassie’s propaganda? In 1974 when the mis educated generation of the 60s & 70s toppled down the Emperor, they did not know that they toppled down the progressive civilization which promised to be “Japan on the Horn of Africa”. Haile Selassie is a holy name by itself more than a saint. All the Church has to do now is as hermits said: ” Haile Selassie mareng” (Haile Selassie forgive us).

  23. Being a Saint is not conferred on a person by God. It is a process instituted by human beings, who recognize and acknowledge the self-sacrificing good work someone has done for humanity. In the case of Emperor Haile Selassie1, His works were not just local or international, it was on a global scale all throughout His life. In comparison with any other leaders of a modern State, any where in the world, which one could possibly be consider for such an honor and elevation. If you are unsure about this, please check out his life, using self-sacrifice as the only reference point. Danijah Tafari – The Black Country- Midlands, UK.

  24. Ethiopia planted millions trees to keep its soil & forest degradation but planting the teachings of Haile Selassie’s in the mind of the youth will help the generation from runaway from the country. Thank you, Henok for publishing this article.

  25. U shall know z truth, z truth sets u free.
    Do u know that the Emperor was a head of the Orthodox Church ? Z Orthodox has a right to canonize its head & defender in her worst time. The process is not about z Emperor but z church itself which lost its glory in z world’s stage. Z Emperor is an international icon, Kedus to him is nothing. My younger brother name is Kedus(saint). HAILE SELASSIE, the energy of Trinity is good enough for his greatness. I will not call z Emperor ‘Kedus’ for he is more than that. St Gorge, soldier of Greec is Kedus. I don’t think people understand z meaning of Kedus.

  26. This article showed how Habesha ምቀኛ people are. Why we are not picked the statment that said: “According to study, the majority of Ethiopian youth today would prefer to be identified with their ethnicities rather than Ethiopian nationality. How can one run a country without the sense of nationality? If the western embassies in Addis Ababa offered visas, no single youth would remain in Ethiopia today. The country is like an open prison for the youth whose mind and soul abroad..”

    Which one is more iportant for discussion the cannonzation of the Emperor or the generation whuch soal & mind abroad,desperate to escape from Ethiopia?

    Why it gives us a stomach ache when someone honor by other than ourselves. It is not us who will honor the Emperor but the synodos if only the Emperor has what it takes. The Harar ENGO is simply made a request if the church can honor the Emperor. When ምቀኝነት evaporates from deep rotted Habesha’s mindset?

  27. Emperor Haile Selassie, The Lion of Judah, was & is the last remaining relic of the greatness that waved his emblem in the middle of the colonial powers. He lives forever through his prophetic speeche which Bob Marley changed into song, WAR

    That until there no longer
    First class and second class citizens of any nation
    Until the colour of a man’s skin
    Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes –
    Me say war.

  28. The Adhari feudal MOA ANBESSA are considered saints after new generations of Ethiopians saw the homosexuals so called “reformed EPRDF or not reformed EPRDF.”

  29. The run away Mengesitu Hailemariam who hijacked airplane to flee Zimbabwe has still has nerve to talk about Emperor Hale Selassie. After he pretend to be a hero said that I will fight until the last bullet. Mengistu to live in exile after defeated with shame is to die daily.

  30. My professor at Istanbul Unverisity once said that if Haile Selassie was a native Turkish, his two speeches: The League of Nations’ and The UN’s in 1936 and 1963 respectively would have been remembered yearly. We can hate the Emperor for unsubstantiated facts but our hate can not be prevented him from appearing on the front page of history. My Japanese friend at campus during our discussion told me that his father generation used to call the Emperor as a Hito o sonkei suru ( dignify person). The same way our fathers & mothers used to honor the Emperor but our impolite generation who hates the Emperor has now ended up hating itself, the worst low self esteem generation that nation has ever produced.

  31. Every honor awards that the Emperor had received from all over the world were the most highly awards. If the church wants to honor it has to be in its it’s best because the Lion of Judha is a class brand.
    Chaina makes billions dollars out of diffrent materials that has a symbol of The Lion of Judha. However instead try to get some out of the rupetation of the Emperor, the tribalist are still demonizing this internationalist iconic Emperor. You need to grow fast

  32. I Ras Nedaw Gebre Medhin of Jamaica do accept this recognition of H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I as a Holy Saint within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church(EOTC). The entire world is very much aware of the sentiments that Rastafarians have for HIM Haile Selassie I, however this intending gesture of the EOTC towards Our highly esteemed Emperor is in deed welcoming and comforting and this should not be difficult to accept as H.I.M is a Restorer, Liberator and Redeemer.
    As restorer, H.I.M skillfully suppressed the Negus Mikael and Leul Lij Yasu rebellions—there intention was to toppled Ethiopia’s 3000yrs of Judeo-Christianity and convert it to an Islamic State. It was the active response of H.I.M as a loyal Servant to the ancient dignity and heritage of Ethiopia that prevented that heresy. If Ethiopia an independent African Christian realm had become an Islamic state, that would have been catastrophic to the African integrity.
    As Liberator, there are many examples but one that is worthy of recognition is H.I.M role in liberating the Ethiopian Church from the Egyptian Coptic Church. Manny Emperors before H.I.M could not have imagine an independent Ethiopian Church. Moses by the power and will of the creator liberated the children of Israel from the physical bondage of Egypt but in the 20th Century H.I.M liberated the Ethiopian people from the spiritual bondage of the Coptic Church. History speaks of the perilous journey that the Priests had to take to Egypt to pay homage to the Pope of Alexadria. Through the spiritual and wise movements of H.I.M the process of leberation started in 1948 and ended in 1959 at the anointing of Abuna Basilios the first native Ethiopian Patriarch , I could go on and on with H.I.M as a liberator.
    One of H.I.M most redeemable acts was in 1970, when H.I.M instructed the Abuna Yesehaq who at that time was known as Archimandrite Laike Marriam ABBA MANDEFRO to established that Ethiopian Tewahedo Beta-Kristian in the Island of Jamaica particularly for the sake of the Rastafari Brethren who at the time were facing extermination by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s post Colonial Government in Jamaica. For INI (US), who accepted the Tewahedo Church, this historical event fulfills Revelation Chapter 7 of the Bible. Furthermore, H.I.M by establishing the EOTC in Jamaica through His Grace Abba Mandefro fulfills a long lasting dream/prophesy of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey that ” we Africans will worship our GOD through the spectacles of Ethiopia”. Prior to the coming of the EOTC in Jamaica, we the descendants of the African enslaved were taught by our evil white enslavers that we as black people do not have a soul and every thing related to the bible is white/European including the images of Jesus Christ , the prophets and all of the saints. In other words the Western Christian churches in Jamaica were complicit in enslaving the minds of Black Jamaicans by giving us a white geezas to worship and a black devil to fear. The establishment of EOTC totally counteracted those racial and dogmatic heresies of the Western Churches. Give thanks for HIM who sent Abba Mandefro to spiritual redeemed us descendants of African slaves through the redeeming and true divine teachings of Our Lord and Savior Eyesus Christos. Hence, Haile Selassie I as redeemer. And I could go on and on with this.
    In conclusion, there are many propaganda propagated by enemies of Ethiopia and enemies of Haile Selassie I. Unfortunately, just like the JEWS, Ethiopians fight against their own redeemer. Looked at what Haile Selassie did for Ethiopia and Africa. Haile Selassie with his modernization reformation established Ethiopia to the highest. He gave Church independence, transformed one of this palace into University, open hospitals and secondary schools, established air line, sent Ethiopians abroad for higher educations, modernized the army, navy and air force, established scientific agriculture, diplomatic connections with foreign countries etc etc etc H.I.M even set in motion a process of constitutional monarch. It was stupid and misguided Ethiopians who believed that they were overthrowing Haile Selassie I eventually overthrew there own selves and become the laughing stock of the world. They allowed Ethiopia to descend into decades of darkness under the red terror, something that they are still not fully recovered from. Ethiopian today is a hot bed of Ethnic tribalism and federalism. There is no nationalism among Ethiopians living in Ethiopia, only tribalism exist. Ethiopia, Time and History will be your judge. whether or not you accept Haile Selassie I as a saint which is the least that you can do as a type of REPARATORY JUSTICE TO HAILE SELASSIE I; The good deeds of Haile Selassie I will live in the memories of the World for ever else Heaven and Earth will ceased to exist. Give thanks for the Rastafarians and their reggae music that forced the world to remember Haile Selassie I. Peace and Love.

  33. God bless the above writer, brother from Jamaica. On the article of Mulugeta Haile ” Haile Selassie influenced the Rastafarians to be Ethiopian more than Ethiopian selves”. This brother is a testimony for that.

  34. Ethiopia will never see peace so long she has blood of Haile Selassie in its hand. The Ethiopian leftist quite often talk about peace and reconciliation without mention their crime against Emperor Haile Selassie and his 60 minsters who had been killed by their anti Haile Selassie slogan.

  35. Ethiopian will never see peace so long it has blood of Haie Selassie on its hand. The Ethiopian leftist politician quite often talk about peace & reconciliation with out mention their crimes against the Emperor & his 60 minister who have been killed as the result of their anti Haile Selassie rhetoric.

  36. The federal structure of Ethio-Eritrea existed between 15 September 1952 and 15 November 1962. On 15 November 1962, following pressure from Haile Selassie I on the Eritrean Assembly, the Federation was officially dissolved and Eritrea was annexed by Ethiopia.

    Look now Eretria is an independent country. I guess if Haile did not take such action (dissolving the federation)things would not take the present shape. This is to my knowledge big mistake that Haile did. This is our true history.

  37. You think Eritrea is free an independent country now ? Being a member of Arab countries without having equal vote, will not you free country, Wedi Biru. During the era of the Emperor, Eritreans in Ethiopia were rich, and considered as a high class society, but now I don’t want say it. Those Eritreans who came after 20 some years to visit Mekele, they could not believe the progress which made. Addis Abab has become New York for them. Now,both Ethiopia and Eritrea are in the category of fragile states. When Haile Selassie was their leader they stood tall. Back then the Federation would not have made Eritrean equal with Ethiopia, because they would have been treated like any other foreigners. With the federation ID card, Eritreans in Ethiopia would never be rich people.

  38. All Eritreans wanted to run away from Isayas Afworki how could you say, Eritrea is an independent now, Independent from Ethiopia but not from their own tyranny Isayas? When Eritrea was ruled by Ottoman, Italia, and Britain, never raised arms but Ethiopians when they called them our brothers and sisters, they raised arm to fight. Eritreans in Italians uniform fought against Ethiopians at the battle of Adwa and Maychew. Most of the generation of EPRP fought against Mengestu Hail Mariam for Eritrea independent, the Eritreans would never give a credit for the 1960 and 70 generation of the Ethiopia youth. What a west. All the invaders of Ethiopia came through Eritrea. If Eritreans were like Afar people, Ethiopia would never been occupied for five years by fascist Italian.

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