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Teha Mensur
Teha Mensur

By Muluken Yewondwossen

(Capital Newspaper) A couple of Egyptian citizens who reside in Addis Ababa were arrested early in the week, Capital learnt.

The Ethiopian government has been accusing the Egyptian government meddling in the recent unrest in the country particularly in Oromia and Amhara regions.

However, Capital is unable to confirm whether the Egyptians were arrested in relation with the recent unrest or other issues.

Capital cannot get official confirmation on how many Egyptians were arrested in the latest security forces raid, but it has been confirmed that two Egyptians were arrested in the beginning of the week.

According to sources one of the Egyptian citizens was arrested from Radisson Blu Hotel. Taha Mansour, Executive Assistant Manager of Radisson, has been arrested from the hotel on Monday October 31, after special security forces surrounded the hotel, according to sources.

Taha has been working at the Radisson Blu since November 2012 after he moved from Radisson Blu Resort El Quseir, in Egypt.

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The other Egyptian that sources said works in another office was also arrested, while it is unknown his identity and the organization that he works.

Capital effort to get further information from the Federal Attorney General or Egypt Embassy in Ethiopia is unfruitful.

The public relation head of the Federal Attorney General also declined to comment about the issue and said that his office will give further information in the coming week for the media.

About four weeks ago the government announced a state of emergency and established a command post directly controlled by the Prime Minster. Since then the government has arrested individuals who were suspected fueling on the unrest.

On Saturday Capital tried to contact Siraj Fegesa, secretariat of the command post and Minister of Defense, via his phone but was unsuccessful. Capital’s effort to contact Negere Lencho (PhD), who is appointed Minister of Government Communication Affairs Office this week, also failed.

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Source: Capital Newspaper

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