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Egyptian official calls on Addis Ababa to stop accusing Cairo of supporting Ethiopian opposition

An Egyptian Foreign Ministry official called on Addis Ababa to stop what Cairo believes to be the provocation of crises between the two countries against the backdrop of Ethiopian accusations in October that Cairo supports the anti-government Oromo ethnic group.

Egypt President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi talks to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn as they arrive to attend the 23rd African Union Summit (AUS) in Malabo June 26, 2014. (Photo: Reuters)

The two countries have been at loggerheads since Ethiopia started to construct the Grand Ethipian Renaissance Ethiopian Dam, which Egypt fears could reduce its share of Nile water.

“Addis Ababa knows well that Egypt has nothing to do with internal events in Ethiopia, but its attempts to involve Egypt’s name in the internal events it is going through will not be of use,” the Egyptian official told the UAE-based media outlet “24”.

“[Egyptian] relations with Ethiopia – no matter how they witness tensions – are historic relations … and cannot be ignored,” he added.

The Egyptian official denied allegations made by Ethiopian Foreign Minister Workenh Gebeyehu on Monday that Cairo supports the Oromo opposition group. He also said that “accusations” made by Addis Ababa “harm” the bilateral relations, adding that such relations improved under Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

“Ethiopia has no evidence on Egypt’s involvement in such activity, and Ethiopian refugees in Egypt, like all refugees, respect the laws that regulate their residence, which ban political activities,” he added.


  1. Yes, Egypt should respond. Egypt will continue to be a thorn on the side of the people of the old country even if there is a democratic system. Our people have been extremely generous in sharing their Almighty given natural gift with the people of Egypt and everyone living along the banks of that great River Nile for millennia at no charge. Things are different. Our people have the Almighty bestowed right to harness their natural resources to good use still generously accommodating their neighbors. The people of Sudan seem to understand that very well. But those Superpower-Wannabe-Megalomaniacs in Cairo don’t get it. What will happen if the Blue Nile all in a sudden stops flowing in its current paths and in stead starts flowing south or eastward? Then what? Egypt should be very careful. It should not try to anger our friendly and ever glorious people!!!

  2. Aba Farda,
    You are dead wrong. You keep equating the great Ethiopian people with the terrorist TPLF/EPRDF. TPLF did not consult the Ethiopian people before it decided to build the Nile River Dam. Amount of Nile water going to Egypt was determined by Egypt’s colonial master, Great Britain, not by Egyptian leaders or people. Egyptian people have being depending on current level of water coming from the Nile for thousands of years. They built their economy and planned for the well being of their people assuming that the current level of water will reach Egypt. Infact, currently their is a huge shortage of water in Egypt. So, to cut more of the water going to Egypt may lead to a huge humanitarian disaster, hunger and collapse of the economy. If that happens, Egypt might consider the dam as a declaration of war and may decide to destroy it. With this background, TPLF thugs decided to plan and build the dam in secret without consulting Egypt and sudan and without undertaking an extensive study of Dam’s impact to the Ethiopian people near the Dam, Sudanese and Egyptian people. TPLF started to discuss the Dam with Egypt and Sudan about half way into the construction process. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. So, it makes sense for the Egyptian leadership to support the Ethiopian opposition forces since TPLF is an existential threat to Egypt. THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND. The opposition forces will discuss with Egypt and aim to reach a win-win agreement unlike the zero sum game of TPLF and their my way or the highway attitude.
    Lastly, as TPLF regime said time an again, the main goal of the DAM is to generate cash to the government by selling power to neighboring countries. The money will be used to hire more TPLF soldiers, bribe Ethiopians into submission/slavery, buy more weapons to oppress, subjugate and abuse Ethiopians. Not once, did TPLF thugs mentioned that dam will be used to bring widespread electricity/power to Ethiopians. Any rational government would have placed Ethiopian people’s basic need such as access to electricity/power as a top priority starting with Amhara region since Nile is based there.

  3. Pooffffff!!!! Bug off!!!!! Shoukry must have had a huge slice of Halawa that day. Do you see what having too much sugar at lunch does to you? It may make you talk too much non-sense. Zip it you…………..!!!!

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