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Egypt to establish military base in Eritrea

By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al Sisi Photo ReutersApril 17, 2017 (ADDIS ABABA) – The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), an Eritrean opposition group, claimed on Monday that the Red Sea nation had allegedly granted Egypt green light to build a military base within the country’s territory.

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Photo Reuters)
Officials from opposition group, quoting “reliable” sources in Eritrea, claimed Asmara has allowed Cairo to acquire a military base in Nora locality at the Dahlak Island for an indefinite period of time.

The agreement, RSADO further said, comes in the wake of last week’s high-level visit of the Egyptian delegation to Eritrea.

An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 Egyptian naval forces will be deployed at the planned base, officials from the group hinted.

As it had long been anticipated and if true, Egypt will be Africa’s first and third Arab country to build a military facility in the reclusive East African nation, currently under United Nations sanctions for arming and financing Al-Shabab, a terrorist group allied with al-Qaeda.

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According to previous U.N reports, Eritrea has already leased its port town of Assab to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to establish military bases to ease their coalition battle against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Concerned by Saudi and UAE military presence in Eritrea, Ethiopia warned the two Arab nations against supporting what it said was “Asmara’s long-standing destabilizing agenda against Ethiopia”.

Recently, Egyptian leaders have reportedly been engaged in diplomatic efforts for regional countries including Somalia, Somaliland and Djibouti to grant them military and commercial base in their selected soil. However, none of Cairo’s efforts were reportedly successful, prompting the opposition group to disclose this matter.

Some Ethiopian politicians argue that Egypt’s growing interest to secure military incursion in the Horn of Africa intends to contain Ethiopia’s massive hydro-power project, which Cairo fears the multi-billion dollar dam project being built along Nile River would eventually diminish historic water shares of the North African nation.

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Redda Mulgeta, a member of Ethiopia’s ruling Peoples Republican Democratic Front (EPRDF), says Cairo’s motive to have military presence in Eritrea was clear.

“Egyptian leaders’ motive to have a military base in the soil of rival Eritrea is to sabotage construction of Ethiopia’s mega dam project by supporting Eritrea sponsored anti-Ethiopian elements and al-Qaeda allied Somali militant group,” Mulgeta told Sudan Tribune.

“Egypt is conspiring with Eritrea to subject Ethiopia engage in proxy war with its enemy Eritrea, local armed opposition groups and further with al-Shabaab”, he added.

Meanwhile, despite the various U.N reports, Eritrea has previously dismissed revelations that it has leased lands for foreign countries.

Relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea has remained odd after 1998-2000 border war, which killed an estimated over 70,000 people.

Some observer commented that the current regime in Ethiopia came to power with support of Egypt and some Arab countries



  1. This is what I have been telling you all along. ‘Abd-Kaddam-al-Sisi’ Isaias have cleared up his country of all able bodied Eritreans sending them in all directions to go wherever it takes them so they can send remittances to fatten his coffers with cold US dollars and Euros. But that has posed a predicament for him. Not enough able bodied people are left behind so it is natural for him to find an outside help. G7, OLF, ONLF, SPLM, Ethiopian Red Fox Liberation Front/Army are not up to par. In fact, they ended up being eating too much wreaking havoc to his meager treasury. They have been wondering around in Piccola Roma and his forsaken desert so long that they have been stricken with an acute form of vertigo. OLF has been waging war on Kenya thinking its army is around Adama. So he has to find someone who he propped up and his predecessor since the early 1960’s with similar strategies – to start a destructive mayhem among the harmonious people of Ethiopia that will last, in Al-Toweel Isaias words, for the next 100 years. Now he can be so confident to send one of his clunky SU-29’s to bomb the dam on the Blue Nile and in the process massacre thousands of daily workers. Why not? His stooges ONLF had done that to innocent civilians at Obale in 1997. And when he gets a response, he will then send another SU-29’s to bomb Addis/Finfine to smithereens. Then el-Sisi will go back home, mission accomplished by a trusted, veritable and so reliable proxy. This is what you call a perfect ‘house nigga’!!!!

  2. It is a war b/n two ethiopian ugly enemies tplf and egypt!!! The former already occupied ethiopia and started to arrest and tortur ethiopian children in different prisons in ethiopia. The later is now in its way to come to ethiopia. Whom should I first fight bitterly?

  3. Can u please bring from someone reliable. This Red Sea Afra officials have been fought lying again and again. This Tesfalem uses them as his source of information. What a journalism? Amateur
    Just like Aaron Maasho …….. another Woyane

  4. First of all, this is not true. The so called Tesfa -Alem is a Tigrayan woyane agent. Even if it is true, it is non – of – woyane’s business because it takes place between Eritrea and Egypt. Woyane is in a state of fear. Eritrea has full right to do anything as long as it is directed against the minority junta woyane. If Egypt establishes a military base in Eritrea, it is highly welcomed and the main goal should be to kill Woyane. Woyane – the main confusion maker or distorter in the horn region – must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  5. Hi guys,

    I am not surprised by this news.

    The Eritrean government is scared of possible military action by Ethiopia and it badly needs protection.

    Despite the bravado of Eritrea’s president, allowing Egyptian military base in Eritrea is an admission that Eritrea cannot defend itself from Ethiopia.

    I am not sure if an Egyptian military base might serve as a deterrence to Ethiopia’s action, but that appears to be the belief on the Eritrean side.

    If the “military base” thing is true, Ethiopia should raise the issue with Egypt. I believe Egypt will exercise restraint to avoid being used by Eritrea.

    If Eritrea continues her direct and not indirect aggression, Egypt must accept that Ethiopia has the right to self defense. Under international law, Egypt is not supposed to interefere in self-defense situation to which Ethiopia is entitled.

    Having said this, here is my view on the role of the Renaissance Dam (RD) for peace, security and safety of Ethiopia.

    Somewhere someone infurated with the construction of the RD called the generation that is building it the “dumbest generation”. In reply to that, I admitted that Ethiopia had several dumb generations but rejected that this is not one of them.

    Why did I say the generation building the RD is not dumb?

    History tells us that Emperor David I of Ethiopia (1382 – 1413) had built a dam on the Nile to save Christians in Egypt that were persecuted by Muslims.

    One Shegitu Dadi had copied and pasted a true story narrating the Emperor’s dam and how it saved Egyptian Christians. If you’re interested, click https://zehabesha.com/egypt-church-bombings-at-least-37-killed-in-two-explosions-targeting-christians-on-palm-sunday/ and go to the comments section to read the story. It is a fascinating piece that should be read and re-read.

    Check out the capacity of the reservoir of the RD being built on the Nile from a reliable source. Google the following that will lead you to the truth. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Ethiopian_Renaissance_Dam).

    Once it is filled with water which takes a couple of years, it will be the mother of all dams (MOAD). It positions Ethiopia on the valves to open and close the floodgates to Egypt. That means, Ethiopia, if she does not want to dictate terms to Egypt, it will definitely be talked to as an equal and get a fair deal.

    In a worst-case scenario, no matter what weapons Egypt has, it cannot match MOAD. More importantly, Egypt cannot attack MOAD because of the danger of flood it might cause without the capacity to handle it. Likewise, Egypt will not attempt to attack elsewhere in Ethiopia. Its hands will be tied in a kind of catch 22 situation. Damn if it attacks, damn if it does not.

    So, Egypt’s military base in Eritrea will be rendered practically useless in a couple of years.

    That’s why I say the generation that decided to take King David’s initiative to a higher level is by no means a “dumb” one. At one level, the dam is a response to a higher calling from the Almighty Himself. As the Holy Bible tells us, He has given His word to protect Ethiopia. At another level, speaking in human terms, it is a very, very smart thing to do.

    I feel that, guided by the Holy spirit of the Almighty, the generation has, as its forefathers did, anchored the future of Ethiopia in peace, security and stability for centuries to come.

    At a time like the present when Ethiopia has internal strife among her children, she snaps out of it if foreign forces leave her to herself and to her people.

    Tell the “dumbest generation” that claims to have engaged in useless armed struggle for “liberation” to stay away from the dam.

    If it don’t stay away from the dam, its fight will be with the Almighty Himself in which they will perish.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  6. Sudan , Eritrea , Tigray , Bensishangul Gumuz and Egypt are getting ready to unite as one country. We Ethiopians must block the Nile water from reaching the GERD dam if that happens.

  7. Dear Hadgu:

    I like your comment a lot. It is already too late for Egypt to play any winning card game to stop the construction of any dam anywhere on the Blue Nile or its tributaries. Or anywhere on the origins of the Nile river for that matter. The late emperor had a detailed survey conducted and a feasible location identified way back in the 1960’s. I was a student there in Egypt when the then strong man Nasser got the wind of it through his operatives. One of my classmates used to nag me about it. He used to tell me that Field Marshall Hakim would send only 2 of his jet fighters and wipe out the Emperor and his entire army. He used to urge me call the emperor and ask him to apologize to Nasser. I used to just laugh it out at his nonsense. Remember that was the same Egyptian air force which was wiped out by only two Israeli jet fighters while its pilots were having an orgy with freshly imported madams from the Caucasus region just for them. And that field marshal Hakim he was bragging about? He was so ashamed by the defeat of his ‘invincible’ army in just 6 days by the outnumbered Israeli defense forces he took a bullet to his head by himself. Then I never heard from that loud mouth ever again. The hoods in Cairo were rife with all kinds of rumors. How only 300 Israeli soldiers forced the surrender of an entire Egyptian division, 12,000 heavily armed soldiers, without firing a single bullet. One very cardinal knowledge that Egyptian rulers should take to heart is the genie is already out of the bottle. Every country where any of the Nile tributaries originate is talking about the same plan. That is to harness every available Almighty given natural resources for development. What Egypt should rather focus is not on outside but on what is lying under its own feet. It should put hundreds of thousands of its qualified but loafing engineers to work on how to extract billions of gallons of potable water sitting idle in its aquifers spread throughout its unlivable deserts. It is also surrounded by vast seas. It can learn a thing or two from its neighbor Israel how to effectively use similar natural resources. Period!!!

  8. If this fiction is a true story ….we ethiopian are ready to defence ourselves we always stand for our sovernighty. we are primed and ready for peace as well as to protect ourselves, our natural right. Guys donot forget that z war b/n Ethiopia and Italy

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