Egypt begins establishing joint farm in Eritrea

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CAIRO – 18 February 2018: The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation unveiled that work has started in the establishment of a joint Egyptian-Eritrean farm in Eritrea, the seventh such kind of farming projects to be built by Egypt in Africa.

Farming in Eritrea – Africa Development Bank Group

The joint Egyptian farm, located in the Horn of Africa, aims to strengthen Egyptian-Eritrean ties particularly in the agriculture field and meet the needs of the Eritrean side in terms of producing various crops through transfer of Egypt’s agricultural technology, Minister of Agriculture Dr Abdel Moneim el Banna said Sunday.

He referred to directives by the Egyptian presidency to enhance cooperation with Africa, saying Egypt enjoys mutual historical relations and such development projects would help achieve the interests of African peoples.

The ministry works on spreading model farms systems in Africa to boost its presence and leadership in the continent, he added.

Egypt’s Ambassador to Eritrea Yasser Hashem signed a memorandum of understanding and the executive contract of the farm on behalf of minister El Banna, according to a statement released by the ministry on Sunday.

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Egypt has established similar farms in the Democratic Congo, Mali, Tanzania, Zambia, Niger and Togo.

Source: Egypt Today


  1. EPLF is a fool. They despise and abuse their own yet they let Arabs roam around the country freely. Do they not see what their plan is behind all these activities? When will we wake up and respect our own people and give full freedom and tranquility and stop making our citizens to become second class in their own homeland? Eritreans are more than capable of farming their own land without any help from anywhere. They have done that without the help of outsiders for thousands of years. They thrived and fought off outside invaders time after time.
    Currently, Eritrea is surround by Arabs from the air, sea and land. It is an indirect invasion of the land. No sovereign nation will allow its airspace, ports and land be taken over by a potential foe. This reminds me of a slogan about Eritrea back in the day. “Eritrea will never Kneel down”. Oh well, that was then, now the Arabs are using a method of putting the frog in tepid water. Slowly, but surely, our people are toiling for nothing and are being boiled alive. Simply put, EPLF is grasping at straws and spinning its wheels. Which is a zero – sum gain!

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