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Dulles Airport customs agents seize 88 lb of smuggled cooked sheep meat

(Leesburg Today) Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists yesterday found 88 pounds of cooked sheep meat in luggage carried by an Ethiopian passenger at Dulles Airport.

Federal law restricts the importation of animal products from countries known to have certain exotic foreign animal diseases, such as Foot and Mouth, and African and Classical Swine fevers.

The sheep meat was cooked in red gravy and stored in 15 bags inside the passenger’s six pieces of luggage.

“Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists typically encounter similar food products arriving from Africa, but the sheer volume makes this an extraordinarily unique seizure,” Christopher Hess, CBP Port Director for the Port of Washington, said in a statement. “That’s an awful lot of food product to stuff inside one’s baggage. Hopefully, this seizure reinforces our message that travelers need be aware of regulations governing products that they can and can’t bring to the U.S.”

The passenger was en route to Seattle when he was referred to an agriculture inspection. The passenger had declared possessing food products in his baggage.

The passenger to continue his flight to Seattle; the sheep meat was incinerated.

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