Dr. Meseret Chekol Reta – by Eden Checkol

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SAMSUNGMy father, Dr. Meseret Chekol Reta, was a journalism professor at the University of Wisconsin River-Falls. Before pursuing his graduate studies, he was a  Senior Host for Voice of Ethiopia International Services. His great love for academia motivated him to continue school and emigrate from Ethiopia. Though he took school seriously, he loved life and often encouraged me to make the most of it. My father traveled the world visiting many places like France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Spain, he also worked hard to be successful despite becoming visually impaired from smallpox at the age of 8. He was full of energy, sharp, witty, a perfectionist, and viewed every conversation he had with someone as a learning opportunity. My father knew how to dress and always wanted to put his best self forward. This picture of him was taken at the University of Minnesota while he was a graduate student.
My Dad, a healthy man, died of Liver Cancer on Nov. 17. He leaves behind not just my mother and I, but a legacy, his long awaited book, “The Quest for Press Freedom: One Hundred Years of History of the Media in Ethiopia” will be released this February.



Source: NY Times




  1. Eden, thank you for this brief piece on your dad. He was indeed one of a kind in Ethiopia where few not as limited as he was matched his contributions. God bless you and God bless his memory. I look forward to reading his forthcoming book.

  2. Dear Eden, your mother and you are so lucky that Dr. Mesert was a wonderful man who will be ‘living’ with you and other people who appreciate his good works for ever. I am not belittling the loss you have had. That is where we all go but only some, like your dad, have the gift to remain eternal in their legacy!
    Wish you, your mom and the family all the strength in your future plans. Alehegne

  3. Dear Eden, your mother is so lucky Dr. Mesert was a wonderful man. He is not dead because other people who appreciate his good works forever. I am proud of him I am his heavenly sister.

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