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Dr Merera Gudina, Dr Brehanu Nega and Jawar Mohammed charged with terrorism

(Amharic/PDF) (AfricaNews) — Dr Merera Gudina, leading opposition figure in Ethiopia and Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), has finally been charged with terrorism by Ethiopian prosecutors.

merara gudina vtim
Gudina is accused of meeting anti-government elements during a European tour last year. He was twice denied bail by the courts as the police continued to gather evidence for charges.
The privately run Addis Standard news portal reported that the opposition chief was charged along with two others. Jawar Mohammed a popular Oromo activist and Executive Director of the Oromia Media network and Berhanu Nega, were also charged with terrorism.
Gudina, during his last appearance in court vehemently denied any terrorism allegations and said that he had spent his life teaching against the ideals of violence and terrorism.
The charge of terrorism as brought by police prosecutors varies from the government’s position which said he was arrested for flouting sections of the current state of emergency imposed in October 2016.
Ethiopian security forces arrested the Gudina shortly after his arrival in the capital Addis Ababa on December 1 from Belgium. Together with other activists and the Olympic athlete Feyisa Lelisa – he met with Members of the European Parliament on 9 November 2016.

marara gudina
Ethiopia is currently under a six-month state of emergency imposed to quell spreading anti-government protests in the Oromia and Amhara regions of the country. The protests which started in November last year continued into this year.
Since January 2016 the human rights situation in Ethiopia has not improved at all. Human Rights Watch reports that security forces have killed more than 500 people during protests over the course of 2016.

professor berhanu nega at brusse
The government reported mass arrests of persons believed to be behind the protests, some are to be released whiles others will be arraigned before the courts on offences of destroying private and public property.
The Command Post administering the curfew says relative peace has returned to the country. There are issues also surrounding communication access with slow internet in most parts of the country. Some European countries have lifted their travel advice for Ethiopia with the ‘return to peace.’

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  1. I am very saddened to hear that this elderly man will spend the next several years in prison. He has been an outspoken critique of the regime and I was really surprised that they did not jail him years ago. The regime must have been looking for a ‘smoking’ gun on him and thanks for these debile groups and washy individuals like Berhanu and Jawar gave it to them on a silver platter. Both of them snare and got hold of this gullible professor for their selfish ends by taking pictures and giving speeches with him. Jawar and his likes incited the young in that country to a point fanaticism where hundreds and possibly thousands threw themselves into a waiting inferno just as the youth of the 1970’s did after being aroused and misled by leftist groups such as the EPRP and Meison. You can see it yourself. Jawar is selling himself as a dauntless freedom fighter from his comfy home and showing off the pictures he took with this elderly man and others before him who are all in jail. As I am holding those in the regime back there for pulling the trigger where hundreds died I am holding those who incited the already aggravated youth to its awaiting and assured demise responsible also. They thought their newly acquired social media toys such as Facebook, Twitter and similar others would lead them to their dreamed up fiefdom. That did not happen and it ain’t gonna happen either. They had taken our glorious people of Oromia for granted. They think they are smarter than those people. But no matter how illiterate the people of Oromia may seem to them, Oromos back home hear things. They know what happened in the two countries just a stone throw away from Oromia. After 30 years of untold human sacrifice where millions perished for it, Eritrea ended up being the personal fiefdom of the demonic Isaias. Even closer, South Sudan has also turned out to be the disgrace of the negro race where demons rule and tens of thousands are being butchered on a daily basis like modern day highly mechanized slaughter houses. EPRP and MEISON told the youth of their times that its struggle is its sole and ultimate conviction(religion). They are incarnated in living and breathing bodies of Jawar and individuals like Berhanu. Now you can hear a pin drop in Oromia and the only noise you may hear is the wailing the mothers who lost their beloved sons and daughters. But on this side of the Atlantic those who incited their children are getting fatter and fatter by the day. They are drawing fat checks from the so called media they somehow manage. I thought I will never live to see another senseless demise of the youth like the one that took place in the 1970’s over there. Oh Boy, was I wrong! Woe!! Woe!!! Woe!!!!

  2. You Ittu Aba Farda, you scummest of the scums son of a bitch neo-gobena!! You neftegna ass kissing scumbag!! To your misery and ire, my Oromia is set to become a freshly minted republic next April. Then you better not think about setting your stinking neo-gobena feet anywhere on my Oromia. 99.9% of my Oromos are mad as hell about you and what you have been saying and writing for many years and it will be very dangerous for you to be there. I am afraid that they will have your cursed body dangle at the main square in Finfine. That is called express delivery of justice to the enemy of the people of my beloved Oromia. So shut up; You’re stinking the whole world with your skunk breath.

  3. Guys!!! Be fair! Dr.Gudina and his colleagues were the scavengers They went out to collect the thrown and garbage politics of the so called oppositions. Still,the amazing part of them was, they didn’t learn from their mistakes. A person who couldn’t know how to swim, should find a trainer; but the Gudinas are disgusting!! For how long should we train them how to go to latrine??? They kids!!! Always kids!!! They never grow!!! He put himself in prison!!! Don’t blame others!!! The law applies equally and treats fairly!!!

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