Dr. Kunte Musa’s Speech at National Unity Conference Seattle, Washington 2017

Dr. Kunte Musa’s Speech at National Unity Conference Seattle, Washington 2017

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  1. Hi guys,

    Dr. Kunte Musa’s speech is interesting. Ethiopian politicians should change the way they talk to others. Humour is important to get message across. When some of the old folks from Amara and Tigre speak it sounds as if they are clenching their teeth at the same time. A typical guy is Prof. Mesfin.

    In dentistry it is called bruxism, a condition most often caused by stress, involves grinding your teeth, either at night or throughout the day, without realizing it.

    Now prominent Oromo and Afar leaders on side to save Ethiopia, would bruxism go away? It’s amazing how these guys are chill and crack jokes while Amara and Tigre are so tense. They give me stree whenever they talk. If they do not change, they should be sent for some kind of therapy.

    Relax Amara and Tigre. If not take relaxant from somewhere. Ethiopia is secure thanks to her children.

  2. This unique meeting has brought out the obvious fact that Ethiopia has hundreds of thousands of very intelligent, kind, and wise children now living all over the world.
    Finally, the light is shining and the dark era of the few toxic loud diaspora personalities is over.

    Truth, reconciliation, respectfulness, forward thinking should be the guiding principles for all those involved in Ethiopian politics.

  3. The guy has a very kind and wise heart. The spirit of most of the speakers in the conference illuminated a sign of peaceful reconiliation and bright vision.

    Dr Conte and most of the speakers were focusing on how to solve the problem of historically non-democratic government changes that keep Ethiopia in vicious circle of dictatorship.

    What a shame!!!!!!
    The concludion of the meeting as published by Abbay Media is a mild version of the same old toxic diaspora propoganda.
    There is only one small phrase that mentions peaceful transition.
    I believe that most of us who followed the speakrs have beeen disillusioned.
    God bless Ethiopia.

  4. Well said, Dawit Belete.

    The conference organizers think Ethiopians in the diaspora and in the country are deaf and dumb who cannot hear or see. In an interview with the VOA, Dr. Ashenafi Gosaye, one of the organizers of the conference said that it was not organized by any political organization or got the support of the same. Check VOA web site under the title “መነጋገር፤ መነጋገር፤ መነጋገር” – የኢትዮጵያዊያን ጉባዔ በሲያትል” posted on June (3.https://amharic.voanews.com/a/enuc-resolution-6-3-2017/3885593.html)

    This is an open denial that members, supporters or sympathizers of Genbot 7 had no role in organizing it. He simply said it it is organized by Ethiopians and sponsors came from the Ethiopian community in Seattle.

    If that’s the case, how come a third of the speakers were Genbot 7 leaders? Funny that they were presented as “influencial” Ethiopians.

    Wake up and smell the cofee.

    To be continued.

  5. Continued . . .

    ሰሎሞን አባተ of the VOA was emphatic on his question about the possible involvement of political organizations that might have sponsored the conference. Dr. Ashenafi answered with an equally emphatic in the negative. That’s something no body except the organizers and the spononsors themselves can tell who sponsored the conference. If the organizer says so, let’s believe him. But the call for papers issed about a month ago carried photos of 90% Genbot 7/ESAT guys. No wonder ሰሎሞን አባተ was suspecious.

    Regarding the “success” of the conference, Dr. Ashenafi said it was “successful” because it achieved the goals set to it. According to him, “it brought together people divided on national and religious lines and people polarized by political views so that they say “selam” to each other and talk.”

    Is this really a true assessment of the conference? Aren’t all the people who made presentations the same people we see time and again whenever there is conference? Give us one new person whom we have not seen before that made a presentation in the conference and let’s felicitate you on the success.

    It is true that individual presenters came from different nations but were they really opposed to each other? Havent’t they expressed the same poitical positions bordering a compromise in previous conferences which is now being presented as new? Where are the “divided” religious leaders that are said to have been brought together to say “selam” to each other and talk? I’ve not seen that. How about the divided political views? Who has what position on which issue to be considered “divided”? What I knoe is they are all opposed to TPLF/EPRDF and that is what brought them together. Wasn’t that their position in the past? I don’t get it.

    The worrying part is Dr. Ashenafi’s assertion that “the conference was “successful” because it achieved the goals set to it”. Why was a goal set for a conference to be convened and what participants are to say not known? This is what most political organizations do. A small group of people from the organization meet and set goal, draft an resolution and read it at the conclusion of the conference and call it “success”. Nice job. WPE style.

    I raise all these questions because we’re being told what is not true.

    As the interview went on, the baffled ሰሎሞን አባተ didn’t give up. He asks ” are these people whom you said you brought together people who have not met or talked to each in the past because of their political stand?” This was meant to challenge Dr. Ashenafi’s claim that the said people met and talked for the first time.

    Dr. Ashenafi answers in the affermative. He said ” Yes. These are people who went their sepatrate ways since the days of the student movement.” He mentions names of personalities from EPRP, MLLT, WPE and OLF who met over dinner on one table and talked. He thinks this is a success by itself.

    Again, the question is haven’t these people met and talked politics in the past twenty or so years and wrong to present the conference as a success because it brought them together? If not on dinner, they were meeting and talking to each other. It is not true that they were unwilling to see each other because of political reasons.

    Come on! Dr. Ashenafi. These guys have monoploized with their money the diaspora media (from web sites to radios and TVs like ESAT) and it’s only their political wish that is dissiminated suppressing free exchange of ideas about our country.

    To be continued.

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