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Dr. Getachew on current Ethiopian situation and sovereign bond (Audio)

Helina Radio intreview with Dr. Getachew on current Ethiopian situation and sovereign bond (Audio)
Dr. Getachew on current Ethiopian situation and sovereign bond (Audio)

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  1. Wow!!! Is this person who do I think he is? I was student at HSIU and I remember his name as one of the candidates for USUAA leadership. I even voted for him. If I am not wrong, he ran against the person named Shimelis Mazengia. Am I wrong? I was a 2nd year student at Arat Kilo. I left via Kenya in 1974 right after the Junta took over. I thought this man might have fallen victim to Mengistu’s onslaught. I even remember the name of his running mate whose name was Aboma Mitiku. What became of him? Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! If this is the same person I am talking about, I am going to kneel down and praise the Lord to let me live to cross paths with someone the last time I saw was more than 40 years ago. And I still remember the night, I think it was the inauguration night when the previous president Girmachew Lemma delivered a rousing speech. I knew this one because he was from the same district I was born and grew up, Asbe Teferi and the Chercher Highlands. I heard Mengistu had killed him. His father, His Excellency Lemma, was a parliamentarian. And there was another one from the same town Asbe Teferi and his name was Girmachew Alemu. I remember him reading one of his fiery poems at the Sidist Kilo campus. What became of him? I am an apolitical person but that fateful time is an indelible memory. I just discovered this website and found this? Wow!!!!
    Dear Professor, Melkam Genna and Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!

  2. Ato Kifle:
    Thank you for confirming my guess. I will writing down some of my memories just to archive for myself. A lot has been lost from my memories especially names of individuals. But some of those raucous incidences such as that night of the inauguration is hard to forget. When I heard Girmachew Lemma was killed by the Derg I thought others like this professor had also fell victims way back in the 1970’s. He is one of those very lucky ones. I think all of us are. Wow!!! This is something very big for me to thank the Good Lord. Praise The Lord!!!
    Melkam Genna To You Too!!!

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