Dr. Fikre Tolossa: A Presentation of new book entitled “True origin of Oromos and Amharas”

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fikre-tolosa-bookBy Berhane Tadese, New York City
December 12, 2016

Hosted by Ethiopian Community Mutual Association (ECMAA), Dr. Fikre Tolossa came to New York City on Saturday, December 10, 2016 to talk about his new book entitled “True origin of Oromos and Amharas”. Dr. Fikre Tolossa is a poet, playwright and an author. His new book has new revelation on Amharas and Oromos origin that have never read anywhere else. The book also explained that the name Ethiopia is derived from “Ethiops”, descendants of one common origin. He dismissed the name Ethiopia as originating from the ancient Greek. Many previous books written about Ethiopia’s history do not focus and address true origin Amhara and Oromo groups. They describe the Amharas and the Tigrians in the north as a Semitic group and the Oromo and the other southern ethnic groups as Cushitic. Dr. Fikre Tolossa’s new book challenge this assertions and describe the origin of the various ethnic groups in Ethiopia as decedents of the ten brothers of the same family. He tries to uncover the origin of Ethiopia going back to 4000 years.

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Today the face book generations politics focus in current ethnic power politics rather than the common history of the various ethnic groups of Ethiopia. Now, Dr. Tolossa’s untold history of Ethiopia discover the common heritage and origin of the Amhara and Oromo people. It is an unprecedented revelation for most ordinary Ethiopians. The academicians and historians are now set in motion to examine his researched findings.  Dr. Fikre presented his work as educational contribution to the new generation. He claimed that all ethnic groups as Ethiopians faced many challenges. He referred historical instances where the gallant Ethiopian people stood side by side to defend the country from foreign invaders. The book also asserts that the current distorted view of Ethiopian history in some quarters imply that the Amhara’s ruled Ethiopia by force imposing their power and will on Oromos and other ethnic groups as false presentation of history of Ethiopia. In fact Dr. Tolossa in his book demonstrates that the roles and contribution the Oromos made in the making of Ethiopian state and history. He states that the kings of Ethiopia during the last 700 years were or have an Oromo ethnic back ground.

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In addition the book covers several significant topics on current Ethiopian issues such as:
The impact of the of the late 1960th Ethiopian student movements on current ethnic politics in Ethiopia.
The history and use of Latin alphabet for Oromo language and engage the reader to examine whether the Geze alphabet would be better than the Latin alphabet for the writings of Oromo language.

This book presents a new and fresh perspective on Ethiopian history using ancient Ethiopian documents as its primary source. I urge all Ethiopians interested in the history of Ethiopia to get hold of the book and read it.

This presentation was held at 220 Manhattan Avenue in New York City. Quite a good number of people from New York metropolitan area attended the presentation. At the end of the meeting the author gave answer to several questions raised by the attendees. The Ethiopian community mutual assistance association (ECMAA) regularly invites Ethiopians and interested individuals in the metropolitan area to attend events, book reviews and presentations. It sponsors on relevant topics of Ethiopia. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks Dr!!! It is really good book based on evidences and facts …

    Enameslegnale … !!!

    ” we will have to strive to do better on our similarites than our differences ” The westerns are trying to destruct our land and we have are not expected to be naive …menkate albne enji egnaew ye zer politica kargenew ye merabu alem alma gibune meta malte new .

    Geta yerdane !

    amara , oromo , tigrya , guraguya.. pentya, muslims , chiristan, orthodox ,, menamne eyalu le stent lebetatsune new …

    Be merabu alme enkoko teblo yemetawe mengist be rasu egere endmayeramde gelst new ….ankrwe yemtefute ye egna tegle syayele ena betekaraniew wedefit be lewetu tetekami enhonalne belwe kasebu new ..
    egname ye merabene bego fekade mtebke yelbnme .. chegre fetari ensu nachew ena …..

    zer laye yaltemeserete ena glste yehhone gebe yalwe tegle( for example based on idological differences) tegle argo heyane swe bela serate ashkento metale new betechale metne ..I think Ginbot 7 is on the right track in my view .. enji bezere mederajte yetme ayadresme… weyanya malte demo endale tigrya hula new malte ayechalme .. tikitme behone weyanyane yemkawememe ale ena …

    geta yerdane !!!

  2. ለኢትዮጵያውያን መረዳጃ ማሕበር (ኒው ዮርክ),

    First, please accept my compliments for having arranged an event on the vexing issue of ethnicity in Ethiopia and for having accorded an opportunity to a person like Dr. Fikre to opine on a particular perception. However, I’m addressing this message directly to you for the following two main purposes:

    1. Dr. Fikre Tolossa presents unique perspectives on the origin of Ethiopian ethnic evolution based on certain sources, especially Belay Abbay, the source of which is highly questionable. You can rest assured that certain renowned professional historians (not poets like Dr. Fikre) consider that particular source on which Dr. Fikre’s book depends to a very large extent, completely false! Therefore, if you have any concern about your own worth and credibility, I request that you arrange with Dr. Fikre and Meri Ras Belay, the full authentication of the book that the latter claims he discovered in the Sudan. You’d make a major contribution to the truth and history if the authentication is carried out irrespective of the findings.

    2. Dr. Fikre’s underlying objective of ethnic unity in Ethiopia is laudable but presenting history on unreliable evidence is, in the final analysis, not a useful strategy. Therefore, your Association may please arrange another event in which scholars and experts with tangible evidence would speak to, especially the Ethiopian youth, about the importance of the future Ethiopia proceeding on the basis of unity, reconciliation, democracy, a sustainable and fair socio-economic development, not a myopic, ethnic, apartheid system.
    With thanks for your kind attention.

  3. Here is a history that I can publish on a book claiming that it is a fact as long as I pay money. In the old days… BeRe WeLede…. Mind you Dr. Fikre’s publication is a book not a journal article. Journal articles go through peer professional review, not Dr. Fikre’s book. I thought Dr. Fikre has always been delusional. What saddens me the most though is that many pro Ethiopian unity people cheered this book because the conclusion is what they wanted … that is Ethiopian unity. However, this is achieved through the “end justifies the means” route. If you are a smart Ethiopian, this works against the end, unfortunately. I doubt that baseless histroy will strengthen our unity. Let us focus on real history of Ethiopia and look for hundreds of things that make us one… I do not believe we need a delusional utterly false history or historian to tell us how united we are. Finally, I suggest Dr. Fikre seek psychiatric help.

  4. Let me give you a perspective, a lot of argument has been around the Chanukkah miracle;
    One thing was for sure, Judaism was almost obliterated from within, systematically by cultural assault and external elements, I am not questioning the miracle, but what follows, It restores the Jews people back to their identities almost from extinction.
    Needless to say, Our own Identity crises, for so long we believe we are Ethiopians, It is a bitter pill to realizes, our own brothers are now our colonial masters.
    So, stop this nonsense, this is a book, time will tell us more, by the way me and my friends are shipping a bunch of copies to Jamaica, for further study.

    Long live Ethiopia, Down with Woyane and Apartheid.

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