Dr. Beyan Asoba shares great ideas on the-future Ethiopia | Video

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Dr. Beyan Asoba shares great ideas on the-future Ethiopia | Video

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  1. Dear Beyan Asoba my jolie Harrerghe, beyekegna,

    Thank you for becoming wise and come back to the reality and believing in your country Ethiopia period.Indeed Ethiopia is your own God given country as much as other Ethiopians, and no body has the power over it. It is our common land. So it is time you and your fellows to lead, to care, to take your roll seriously and start your action.

    Because we had heard enough.

    With regards,

  2. The spirit of most of the speakers in the conference illuminated a sign of peaceful reconiliation, wisdom, and bright vision.

    Most of the speakers were focusing on how to solve the problem of historically non-democratic government changes that keep Ethiopia in vicious circle of dictatorship.

    What a shame!!!!!!
    The concludion of the meeting as published by Abbay Media is a mild version of the same old toxic diaspora propoganda.
    There is only one small phrase that mentions peaceful transition.
    I believe that most of us who followed the speakers have beeen disillusioned.
    God bless Ethiopia.

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