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Dr. Berhanu Nega on the current situation in Gondar | Video

Dr. Berhanu Nega on the current situation in Gondar | Video

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Berehanu Nega


  1. ellllllllll asey yeman bet ferso yeman yikeral beseferachuhubet tiseferalachuh gena agame komal lemani and also endriyas eshete yetemare denkoro ye eritrea gif enante lay new hulem ERITREA HERO OF HORN AFRICA

  2. SAY NO TO BARIA !!!!!!

    I do not think the vast majority of Ethiopians included my Self will consider an Issias’s BARIA (Berhanue Negga) as political opposition.

  3. @ Mulugeta Andarge,

    Can Berhanue Negga rule over Amhara ? ? I do not think Nefetegnas (Showa Amharas) will accept such worage leadership, according most Nefetegnas that Worages can be help as coolie or shoe shining boy not serious contender in the politics aspect.

  4. Guys!!! This guy is still crying. As politician, living in foe’s area, and blaming and demanding “father land”, and begging money for Esyas Afeworki, again, as if time bomb adjuster shouting and boasting in everywhere, insulting TPLF, and Trigians; as if miracle doer, expecting hand claps from audience;etc etc Why is Dr.Berhanu Nega Bonger roaming the world to be obstacle against the whole Ethiopian people? He was laudly shouting in Finfinee Universty with Por. Mesfin W/Mariam, now is trying to terrorize the outisde innocent people.

  5. Guys!!!Berhanu Nega Bonger and Major Dawit W.Giorgis both are criminals who stole the money from that poor country; as if they are innocent and concerned individuals they shout in every media. Berhanu is from Guragie Tribe but the thing is happened in Amhara region which he had never been there. He was born in Merkato in Finfinee. Dawit too. They were not part of Gonder. They lied to us too much!!!

    • I concur with commentators. It is a very silly and historical mistake one can Make to ally with the Ethiopian enemy (by any measure) that is Shabia. In His recent ‘Meglecha”- Dr berhanu nega with the Shabias is declaring a ravaged civil on Ethiopia. In the 21st century, An academic staff in one of the university, fleeing to Ertria and declaring war on our people is a clear sign of insanity (I know he is pretending to make himself like a hero). He has been living in the developed nation and would have reaped enormous experience of human dignity and tolerance; and have gained knowledge to putting pressure systematically on the ruling regime to force them change their way of behaving. If people are united and continue to peacefully protest for 1 month throughout the country-that is the end of the current way of ruling. there are many ways of resisting the ruling government. It is extremely embarrassing and sad to have heard Dr Berhanu Declaring civil war from the land of Ertria to a historical and great and diverse nation and country: Ethiopia. The world will laugh at you. Do not downgrade the quality of our p[eople becasue, in 21st centry to declare war by the so called “professor” is laughable. Where I live, Some Ertrians are clearly telling me that They wish to see the fall of our country and they wish to see a thorn apart and war inflicted country. They said to me they will see soonest through their mercenaries like Berhanu. They are so stubborn and full of biterness/hatred blaming the mess ups upon our people and consequently they are cursing our country to no avail.This is growing up in their insides since recently when they start hearing the goo development of Ethiopia economically. This is real. Yet, this gentle man, called Berhanu is allying with them to fulfill their goals. But you won’t go any where. Majority of us are rebuking you. Stop being an enemy to Ethiopian people.

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