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Dr. Berhanu Nega and other leaders of Patriotic Ginbot 7 organization are in Asmara to join the struggle

Birhanu Nega bonger copy
Ginbot 7 Statement
As you already know, our struggle has reached a crucial milestone in which our comrades have begun paying the ultimate sacrifice in battling the TPLF-led regime in Ethiopia.
Armed struggle was never a method of struggle of our choice. The TPLF-regime has closed all peaceful avenues and has left us with the choice to become enslaved in our home land or to fight by any means necessary.
Therefore, the man who Ethiopians have once peacefully elected as mayor of the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Dr. Berhanu Nega, chairman of Patriotic Ginbot 7, has joined his comrades in arms on the ground where the soldiers of Patriotic Ginbot 7 have begun waging the battle to free Ethiopia.
As we have confidence in the victory of good over evil, we have no doubt that Dr. Berhanu Nega and other leaders of our organization will effectively lead our organization and our beloved people to freedom, justice and democracy!
Victory to the Ethiopian people!
Patriotic Ginbot7


  1. I have been reading a lot of posts on different Ethiopian websites more than ever before specially on ethiomedia and Ethiopian review ashamed of the editors as well as cowardice “Dogs” or as we call them historically “Bandas”. I have observed and very much encouraged even more seeing that for every one Banda there are Three Ethiopian loving good contious brave writers. I say go go go patriotic ginbot 7 and the leaders I admire like Andargachew, Berhanu and many others front and behind the scenes. We will overcome and long live Ethiopia!!!
    Today will be my last visit to ethiomedia and Ethiopian review.

    Please do not make us laugh, we tired of this kind of toothless and endless useless propaganda. To defeat EPRDF at this time is like taking the lamb out of lions Jaws.

  3. If ethiopia, as we know today, has to continue it must be under the leadership of Dr. Brehanu nega. He is the most democratic and progressive minded ethiopian leader. I am not his suporter. But i like him. He has ability and the dedication that to be a leader. I can live in ethiopia under the leadership of Dr. Brehanu Nega. I am an indipendent OROMO who really believe in oromo cause and question. You can deal with him freely. The rest of ethiopianist political organization forget it. All of them live in the 18th century. If ethiopia is going to to be devided in to 3 or more countries it is because of the far right ethiopian groups. As the sayig goes unity is not a necessity but freedom and democracy are. I am AFD suporter.

  4. Dear Editors:
    I know you frown on some of comments and never allowed most of them posted on your website. I am a staunch opponent of the current regime back in the old country. We have no distinction on that matter. But I happened to always choose the alternative way of waging struggle, that is alternative to violent means. You may differ on that with me. I also tried to make clear what my take is on the regime in Asmara. You may differ on that with me also. But that is very healthy friction of different ideas. And one more time, I want to express my deepest sorrow to hear that this professor has chosen to leave his residence in the USA to join his friends in Asmara. I applaud him for this very courageous decision. But when I look at history, it may not too long for him to differ and collide with the regime in Asmara. And I hope and pray that I will end up being wrong, very wrong on this possible development. In the meantime, it saddens me to hear that more blood of the Ethiopian youth will be spilled in the process. It took almost 3 decades for our youth to recover from wanton slaughter of the 1970 and 1980’s. It makes me extremely sad and cry my heart out knowing many youth will again be lost. I am saying this to you expecting that you are well versed on the principles of democracy. You may differ with me on this also but for this youth sake I am beholding to you all to let my comment ride on your website.

    • Well, I am so grateful for the last 20 plus years straggle struggle of your likes:( It got us here :( 10th of thousands killed cold blooded :( Now let this people try the way they know. I would rather die fighting than cold…..!!!!

  5. Po yes,you just going smile like that when you kick tplf tigre ,now as you all know the hero is in asmera,eritrea,rplf is foing to lose becouze eftegna is not going to fight for you,to keep you alive.any one who will not quit tplf zeregna banda,ze arbegnoch ginbot 7is after them.we love arbegnoch Ginbot 7. Death to banda tigre tplf

  6. Who is telalaki of italian ,just tplf is missipn accomplisher of benoro mussoloni who killed people of addis ababa and my father,holy father abune petros,no one trust tigre now all over.

  7. Fighting is not as simple as eating Pizza or Hamburger. As to my information Eritrea is a pass way to Kuwait for the doctor’s exile, because there is no space in the US for those who wants to over throw the Ethiopian Government through “armed struggle” even though it is on the paper not on the ground. Ethiopian and US diplomatic ties is getting better and better from time to time. One can understand from the previous State Department officials visit which is going to be concluded by the visit of the President.

  8. Any mhara have a reason to joing gimbot 7 arbegnoch ,so we need an answer to what happen to 5?000000 million amhara,disapeared diring tplf rule,we need answer.aslomg as you keep killing amhara,amhara no way we can support tplf.no to banda tigre!you dismantle our church.death to hiwjehat tigre.no….any amhara soldier should ask what happen to amhara that was disappeared for no reason,5 million is the population of almost rirayi population.

  9. I will give Dr. Brehanu credit. I never thought he would actually go. I take my hat off for him with at most respect.(I must admit I have never been one of his fans for a number of reasons, but it’s not impotant anymore).
    I wish there was a way to avoid war, because it will be agly on both sides, and both sides are our own. It’s unfortunate that TPLF closed all means of peacefull struggle.

  10. Some one in his/her comment said, “To defeat EPRDF at this time is like taking the lamb out of lion jaws.” I say to you, you can take the lamb out of lion jaws, all you have to do is kill the lion.
    By the way I used to think the same way when TPLF were waging war against the Derge. Look were the TPLF is, and were the Derge is. So, never say never!

  11. Ginbot-7 will be history soon. The visit is political death to ginbot-7. USA president is going to Ethiopia, which is a positive turn of events. on the other hand ginbot-7 leader goes to Eritrea to rally its troops. One of this days one of the events, America taking its relationship to the next level with Ethiopia or ginbot-7 making an effort to fight the Ethiopian government, will give up. If one of these two has to give way for the other the lesser important event will go away.

    Can we Ethiopians allow Issias’s aheyas (Berhanue Nigga) to rule Ethiopia ?
    kkkkkkkk I DO NOT THINK SO.

  13. Don’t make me lough, Asmera? It was been tried and never succeed. Throughout the process he makes money out of u fool guys. Loosers.

  14. He is our hero,he is a real man,we kind of like him,we know tigre hate him,but tigre are a few,we are too many,so far he is a man of his word.Andi is in jail,Dr arebegna Brave Birihanu nega,is going to make the light shining on the morning,just like his name. He is determined ,who willnot support him,only Banda tigre.you donot trust amhara which is bad for tplf.so amhara is joining with jegnaw Dr,he is not afraid the Buda and Zeregna tigre,just watch,no tigre will survive this time,till death,agame is going to count the qimal from his head,now you tigre fight with had banda,when things gets worest every one say adios to tplf.

  15. Bravo Dr. Berhanu Nega
    May you accomplish what you are trying to accomplish safely.
    I had a doubt about Dr. Berhanu Nega’s determination in the past just because I was listening to fabricated propogandas against him. Now I am convinced this person is indeed Ethiopia’s answer for her loud scream whicgh is louder than ever before in recent decades.

  16. Bravo Dr. Berhanu Nega
    May you stay safe.
    I had a doubt about Dr. Berhanu Nega’s determination in the past just because I was listening to fabricated propogandas against him. I was wrong.

  17. Some one from “x” has warned Dr. Berhanu Nega that he is in danger. After President obama’s visit there will be some agreements between the two countries. Ethiopia is fighting against terrorist while its insider terrorists are safely living in the US. This can not continue, if the US wants Ethiopia to engage fully against the regional terrorist The US has also to cooperate with Ethiopia by arresting terrorists like Berhanu nega.
    I think this is the case for the Doctor’s unexpectedly run to Eritrea.

  18. Sham to all of you who support the war and trying to put fuel on the fire. What is war? Who is killing who? STOP and think! is your brother or your sister in the war? I am calling to all mothers to support me to stop this madness!! I am a mother!! WE, the women, have a power to take the weapons from our children and show them how to solve problem with out killing each other, Our children are poisoned, We need to stop Hate and division!! WAR is never been a solution and never will.

  19. This is the pay day for woyanes. Ainega mesilo-at ebet arach yibalal. Bye, baye wuyane ! Long live ethiopian and eritrean alliance. Two indipendent states one nation. We will create examplary neighborhood states for the rest of africa. Down with the fascist wuyane regim. We all suport the struggle for freedom. No freedom no peace.

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