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Dr. Ashebir Woldegiorgis should find alternative employment,not Ethiopian football

dr ashebir

By Kedane Makonnen,

It is a pity that some people think Ethiopian football is just a place you come in and hold office,kill the game,walk out then suddenly decide to come back again later  walking majestically as if Ethiopian football fans and stakeholders have quickly forgotten.

It is a disgrace to Ethiopian football to see the name of Former Ethiopian football federation((EFF) President Dr.Ashebir Woldegiorgis seeking to make a return to the  the same federation he run down and left bitter fighting in his  term as President between 2005 and 2009 during which time infighting led to the global banning of Ethiopia by World Football Governing Body FIFA.

All this shenanigans under Woldegiorgis stewardship  led to Ethiopia being thrown out of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers.As we speak he is currently embroiled in further problems after he left the Ethiopia basketball federation as President in a huff soon after being elected in order to seek the EFF Presidency, is this not the GREED that will kill our game in Ethiopia? It is a pity that such people who cannot sustain their places in other federations are left to seek opportunities to hold office the so called eat-a-food epidemic leadership must be eradicated in Ethiopia.

Dr.Ashebir without any prejudice has a bad record in managing football in Ethiopia that is why he resigned in 2009 when he had jumped from the frying pan into the fire when things went from bad to worse and suddenly he was facing a motion of dismissal.He hurriendly resigned and left problems that would take long to solve.

I think we need to really take a good hard look at what’s going on in our game today unlike the previous years.The football development and sustainability cannot be  wrapped in cotton wool, protected from the real world when people like Ashebir seek a come back. Do they see it as a privileged position? No, they have an inordinate sense of entitlement.

Football gives most of us relief from the normality of day-to-day life, conversation with your mates, a chance to shout and bawl at the match or at the telly and to bring Ethiopia together.Dr.Ashebir  should find alternative employment and leave football alone.

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  1. I do not clearly understand the motive of Dr. Ashebir in re-running for a post that in the past earned him nothing but trouble for himself as well as the wider football fraternity. I can only see some vengeance as motive. This only means trouble in waiting. Ashebir, in his past tenure as EFF president, picked up a fight with Ato Abinet, the president of saint george sports club, while at the same time taking unwise decisions that put him at unease with the other premier league clubs. This led to a concerted campaign by the majority of premier league clubs and later the wider assembly of the EFF to unseat him from his position. FIFA has literally a closed door policy towards a coup-de-tat like removal of a football federation president until his or her term is finished. The ensuing chaos led to Ethiopia receiving a two year ban from international football. This has left a scar on our foot ball. It is uncalled for and quite a destructive move to see Dr. Ashebir being endorsed again for a post through which he brought chaos, pain as well as shame to our country and our foot ball.

  2. For me it is the mistake of the responsible government body having the mandate and authority to control the foot ball federation in shortlisting Dr Ashebir as one of the nominee for the presedential post. He has not had a good track record in his previous assignments in improving the status of the national football. To the worst, he was responsible for the banning of Ethiopia during his reign just because of his greed for staying in office. As there is no success story that the Ethiopipian football has recorded for long years, all those people who are in the leader ship position including Dr Ashebir or those around them should not be part of the leader of the new federation. Otherwise our football will further slide down.

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