Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s diversity portfolio | By Abebe Gellaw

It will be clear in the next few weeks what Dr. Abiy Ahmed can and can’t do as the leader of a regime facing an existential crisis. As the new PM has been elected in the face of fierce opposition and backstabbing by the TPLF elite, not to mention the popular discontent fueling the unrest across the nation, his reign will certainly be a rollercoaster. Whatever the case, I wish Dr. Abiy all the best during the rough and bumpy ride at this critical juncture in Ethiopian history.

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Abiy Ahmed

Politics aside, one must appreciate the diversity within Dr. Abiy’s extended family that exemplifies the beauty and best of Ethiopia.
Born in Beshasha, Jimma Zone, in the aftermath of the 1974 revolution, his name was Abiyot, “revolution”, now using his nickname Abiy, according to the Reporter. It indicates that his parents were enthusiastic supporters of the revolution.
His father, Ahmed Ali, is a Muslim Oromo, who was once jailed suspected of being an OLF supporter.
His mother, Tezeta Wolde, is a Christian Amhara.
His wife, Zinash Tayachew, is an Amhara hailing from the city of Gonder.
Like himself, his three daughters are “Oromara.”
When Dr. Abiy swears in as the new PM, his extended Muslim, Christian, Oromo and Amhara families will proudly claim that he is one of their own. But in reality, he must be a leader for all Ethiopians regardless where he comes from. This is an incredible shift in a country affected by the toxicity of ethnic politics.
But most importantly, Dr. Abiy once said that building ethnic fences around people is not something anyone should be proud of. For the first time in the last 27 years, he will be the first leader of the EPRDF regime, who proudly identifies himself as an Ethiopian.
Even if our political differences are obvious for all to see, the fact that someone that does not see Ethiopians only in distorted ethnic lenses is the leader of our country may change the tone of the divisive ethnic rhetoric harming our unity. A true leader is one who can unify the people and build a national consensus. As John Maxwell once said:”A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
May God help the new PM to be a leader who will inspire and uplift the nation, side with the oppressed and turn his back on the oppressors. If he does that, his power will be steadied by the people and Ethiopia will change for the better and can transition to an all-inclusive democratic order.
TPLF’s tortuous era of cruelty, robbery, divisiveness and stupidity needs a clusure.
God bless Ethiopia!

N.B. Whatever the case, Ethiopia needs radical change to break away from the past and open a new chapter for all.

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  1. Why Ginbot 7 members including Abebe Gellaw relay on Abiy Ahmad instead of themselves? Is Abiy Ahmad a member of Gibot 7. Whatch out TPLF.

  2. Just for your information, his mother who died about six months a go converted to Islam long time a go before the young Abyi joined TPLF. When his mother died , the burial ceremony was conducted at Aggaro Mosque (if you wish you can confirm this by calling anyone who lives in Aggaro). I hope this helps to correct your article.
    PS. If you need further information on Abyi, let me know.

  3. Don’t bring the western essences of “diversity” into Ethiopian context. Dr. Abiy isn’t unique, pull any Ethiopian on a street and chances are he/she is just as diverse as Dr. Abiy, if not more!

  4. Abebe Is a schmuck who speak in tongues.
    What he says is all gibberish from which I made no sense.
    Look at the first paragraph which goes: “It will be clear in the next few weeks what Dr. Abiy Ahmed can and can’t do”. Really? In just few weeks? Why don’t you tell us first what he is expected to do and not to do in the few weeks so that we’ll figure out the time line like you. Obviously, you don’t tell us that because your time line will fall apart.
    What’s ridiculous is Abebe’s suggestion that Dr. Abey was “elected”. Was there an election and by whom was it done? If that’s is his notion of election, we are at a loss once Arbegnoch Gimbot 7 (AG7) with the backing of Eritrea forms a government in Ethiopia fifty seven years.
    Equally ridiculous is his portrayal of Abey’s government as roller-coaster as if the governments of his predecessors are supposed to fade behind forming only part of our history. Unlike Abebe’s conception, those governments are still with us and the new government won’t be different.
    Abebe tried to sound like a head of government or a CEO of a transnational corporation when he said “I wish Dr. Abiy all the best during the rough and bumpy ride”, but to wish “all the best” to someone in a “rough and bumpy ride” is to wish him to stumble and fall than a best wish of success. The bad wish is there but clear for all to see.
    Then Abebe raises the origins of Dr. Abey’s parents and wife and children. The problem is he used Dr. Abey’s family mix to justify his attack on “ethnicity” as a political persuasion in the country. What has the origin and family to do with ones position on an issue such as “ethnicity”? I say “nada” .No matter how families mix, ethnicity and ethnic politics will not disappear. Abebe will have to accept ethnicity or swept away by ethnic tide with his hate.
    Furthermor, it is silly to appease Dr. Abey as the “first” person to “proudly identify himself as an Ethiopian”. Dr. Abey himself will first laugh loud at this outrageous flattery and then get angry because it is not true. He knows that millions in the country identify themselves as Ethiopians.
    I doubt if Dr. Abey will accept a “welcome” note from a CEO of ESAT, a media outlet which will soon begin to hound his government under this or that pretext. For the CEO of ESAT and all around ESAT whose future is tied to the success or failure of AG7, it should be AG7 or nobody in power. Is that the reason why this CEO subtly gave Dr. Abey a few weeks to show what he can or can’t do? What if he can’t? Is that to say get ready for the hatchet that comes from ESAT.
    In closing Abebe called “God” to help Dr. Ahmed to make him “a leader who will inspire and uplift the nation”. He also wants God to bless Ethiopia! I wish he is sincere at least on this . The irony, though, is he didn’t say he’s praying that God helps or He blesses the country. He has simply put it as a slogan devoid of acceptance of supremacy of the Almighty.
    As to me, if things are left to God’s help and blessing, no deadline is given such as a few weeks to please or disappoint millions.
    Abebe! Get this. The Bible says :”Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” Simply put, you cannot make wrongful use of the name of the Lord. To save yourself from imminent hell, you should repent for having done so.
    Dr. Abey is a saved Christian like his predecessor was. Following a true Protestant ethic, he will pray on the multifaceted problems of the country. If it gets roller-caster, he will sleep on it.
    In the meantime, Abebe should lift his deadline. Stop writing gibberish too. How about thinking long and hard first?
    Good luck.

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