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Don’t mess with the power of the people!

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It’s absurd naivete to seek justice from TPLF’s kangaroo court!

by Gudeta Bayissa

Look around you my friends.
Have you ever seen such a very disciplined and coordinated mass action against barbaric military undertaking?

Have you ever seen such information flaw that reaches to the remotest area despite the government’s desperate action to close down any kind of tele- or electronic communication?

Have you ever seen such a determination of the mass to face the brutal TPLF regime in every possible term without becoming intimidated by the haphazard killings committed by the squads TPLF has deployed inside Oromia?

There is a lesson to draw from this.

Qerro’s movement is not just an emotional outburst. It is battle hardened, well organised, honored and decorated by the sacrifices of selfless young people. The struggle in these last four years alone have promoted the popular upheaval from angry reaction to proactive strategizing and planning of the struggle to achieve a fundamental change in the Oromo’s more than a century old quest for their freedom.

I feel sad when I hear some of us calling this sacrifice unnecessary sacrifice. At the same time I see the difference between those of us who call the sacrifice of the Qeerro unnecessary and the Qeerro itself. The Qeerroo is aiming at something bigger than life itself, which is freedom. The rest of us are busy planning to live the next day, regardless of whether we are breathing freedom or are suffocated by servitude.

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Another lesson to be drawn from what is happening right now in Oromia is the radical departure from listening and abiding to people who anoint themselves as leaders without even trying to garner due support from the people they say they lead. That phenomenon has died and buried long time ago.

When the progressive forces inside OPDO decided to consider the power of the people as omnipotent, it was not because they were willing to do so by their own initiatives, but because they have seen and recognized that the previous road they were traversing for the last 25+ years failed in terms of winning popular support. Their decision was right and our people pledged them support as long as they were and are willing to promote the Oromo’s quest for freedom.

Bear in mind, the Oromo’s quest for freedom is not achievable by dressing the wounded and infected TPLF/EPRDF apartheid system. This fact has to sink in. We have to understand and support this fact unanimously. Our goal and the dreams of the entire Ethiopian peoples are only achievable by dismantling the lawlessness TPLF is thriving upon and establishing the rule of law.

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That the TPLF/EPRDF is not ready to change has proved itself right by the erratic lawless action its speaker of the house took few days ago in an attempt to ratify the already rejected State of Emergency declaration. In light of such absurdity and obscenity, I don’t understand how our leading lawyers came with an advice to engage TPLF/EPRDF in the court of law to respect the peoples’ demand for fundamental change. Wasn’t it in TPLF’s kangaroo court our freedom fighters were sentenced to death and lifelong imprisonment? Answer for yourself.

Now here is my personal assessment. Yes the regional government of Oromia can be a very strong asset in promoting the rule of law by subsequently supporting and protecting the demands of our people. I do trust the leadership of Lammaa Magarsaa and his Team as long as they are on track toward the opening of political space and inclusive solutions. They shouldn’t be thinking Oromo have sacrificed itself to empower OPDO, the old flagbearer of TPLF regime, inside EPRDF system, but to emancipate the entire Oromo people, and yes its leadership too, from the grip of the TPLF apartheid system. Lammaa Magarsaa’s leadership is needed toward this end goal. In addition, OPDO has to stop being arrogant and think that they are the only political entity to lead the Oromo. Now is the time to adopt a different political strategy that includes all stake holders inside Oromia.

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Last but not least, the reduction of Oromo’s many decades long quest for their birthright, to live and prosper in freedom, to just bringing an Oromo, regardless who that person is, to premiership post inside TPLF regime, is not only naiveté, but suicidal. It is suicidal because TPLF never allow an Oromo PM to function independently.

Apart from these types of few differences, the Oromo is reading one another very well right now. It is not necessary to jump a gun because somebody has been saying this or that, or doing this or that. It is the negative action that hurts our people. And that negative action has to be scrutinized.

And, please, we have to stop worrying that our leaders lose their integrity because they have been made subject to criticism. To the contrary, constructive critics sharpen our leaders.


  1. Let me ask you mister rock head:. Savagely killing, harassing, beating innocent civilians from certain groups (such Somalians, tigrians, and other ethnics); destroying their properties; forcing them to speak Oromo language; asserting that the nation must be only under the control of Oromo individuals and denying other ethnicity groups to have the chance to serve their country. Listen rock head all your nonsense and stupid intention was tried by amhara oppressors over a century ago. Did you remember what was the outcome of their evil and backward system? That system was crushed and all the responsible individuals were punished. So you’re trying to repeat the same history. Go a head! You will pay the expensive price. What ever you call it in your language it is not democratic movement; instead it is a barbaric movement.

    I would like to tell those from Western political elites: stop meddling in other nations’ political issues. I wanted to tell them shut up. These guys don’t have any moral standards.
    I don’t mention any one of these idiots by name for now.

  2. There is an easy exit from our problem as long as people follow this simple rule. Ethiopians including those in the EPRDF should not give cover for TPLF and let it dictate what it wants. Its policy has long been failing and TPLF is there posing falsely as Ethiopian.It is a wolf in lamb’s skin. They should throw out TPLF from their mix once and for all. Tigreans also should see how dangerous this organization is blackmailing them and taking them away from their brothers and sisters. It should be their primary goal to reject TPLF who puts them in a very rough and dangerous journey.

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