Doctor Arkebe Oqubay flying like a pig – By Abebe Gellaw

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Abebe Gellaw
Abebe Gellaw
Until recently, Arkebe Oqubay was known to have spent much of his life on projects of bloody conflicts, corruption, tyranny or gross violation of human rights. It was a total surprise when one of TPLF’s topguns was introduced as a record-breaking scholar.
It emerged that Arkebe has been bragging to friends, relatives and admirers since last October that he got a Ph.D from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) with great honor and distinction. He claimed that he shattered academic records, an achievement that guaranteed his name a special place in the honor list of the school. That is good for him, but why is SOAS contradicting this amazing scholar who claims to be the first to hold his PhD in record time and first for his unblemished dissertation?
On November 8th, Isayas Astebeha Abaye, a well-known apologist and flunkey of the dictatorship in Ethiopia, published a “breaking news” story on trumpeting Arkebe’s miraculous and unique intellectual prowess.
According to Isayas Astebeha Abaye, who got the story from the horse’s mouth:
This week Dr. Arkebe Oqubay was recognized as an outstanding Scholar in the Academic [sic] circles of London. He broke the academic record of doctoral school in the University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies) for the first time by finishing the four year program within 23 months with high honor and great distinction. In this century old institution (established in 1916), the doctoral program is set for four years maximum to defend and finish the doctoral thesis. Most of the candidates defend and finished with difficulties and hardship (if they are lucky and extraordinary).Arkebe has finished [sic] within 23 months and surprised the department of Development Studies, the university professors and students altogether [sic]. Never heard of such great achievements in such short period of time, what a person!!!!!!! His external examiners from Cambridge and other well known [sic] academic institutions awarded him “PASS WITH OUT [sic] CORRECTION” on the spot; which means great distinction with great honor (never happened and never heard of).Arkebe did it!!!! His name and his country’s name is in the history book of this famous University [sic]. What an achievement!!! We are proud of him!!! Congratulations to Dr. Arkebe Oqubay. [That was Isayas Abaye’s badly scripted story, which not only breaks all the basic rules of news reporting but also published online WITHOUT CORRECTION or verification.]

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The brazen “story” about Arkebe’s amazing accomplishments in London trended well on the social networking sites creating buzz and excitement among TPLF’s faithful drones who danced and ran victory laps to Isayas Abaye’s song: “Dr Arkebe breaks the record in a century old Academic Institution [sic].”

The big trouble with Arkebe’s “record-breaking” academic achievement is that it was manifestly false. As the story was evidently dubious and nonsensical, we had to send a copy of Aigaforum’s story to SOAS and the University of London for fact-checking and verification. The school’s Directorate of External Relations spent almost three weeks digging through its records trying to verify the identity of the phenomenal scholar “whose name and his country’s name” were said to have entered the “history books”, just to borrow the words of the amateur reporter.

After careful and lengthy investigation, Vesna Siljanovska, SOAS’s communication officer, verified that Arkebe Oqubay Metiku had indeed completed his doctoral studies at SOAS in October 2013. While trying to avoid some of the most awkward questions about the newmint scholar, she disclosed that his dissertation focused on the “industrial policy of Ethiopia”. Siljanovska also indicated that the school never heard of the “scholar’s” record-breaking feats.

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SOAS communication officers also tried to explain that the so-called record-breaking achievement is common not only at SOAS but also in other UK universities. “Like many other UK universities, a PhD is usually at least three years in length but candidates can apply to submit after two years of full – time enrolment subject to the approval of the Supervisory Committee and the Associate Dean (Research) of the relevant Faculty. While the majority of candidates studying for a PhD in the UK complete within three years, there are a number of students who complete in a longer or shorter time period,” SOAS said in a carefully crafted statement.

Prof. Christopher Cramer, who teaches in the Department of Development Studies at SOAS, also declined to discuss details about Arkebe’s miracles due to the university’s privacy policy. But Cramer wrote in an email that Arkebe achieved nothing extraordinary or unprecedented as claimed in the Aigaforum story. Prof. Cramer was clearly amused by the claim the first “no corrections thesis,” but he declared that the pompous claim was “completely untrue”.
Asked what Arkebe’s new research finding could be on “industrial policy in Ethiopia” that he and his TPLF tyrannical clique formulated and imposed on the poor nation that they have brutalized and robbed for over two decades, Prof. Cramer, who was apparently the good doctor’s adviser, also declined to comment. It should be remembered that Arkebe was one of the architects of the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), the illegal TPLF-controlled business conglomerate that is widely accused of symbolizing apartheid-like crony capitalism sucking the blood and gnawing the bones of the poor people of Ethiopia

One of Ethiopia’s leading rights advocates, Prof. Alemayehu Gebremariam, finds the revelation quite interesting. He says the fact that Arkebe was approved to do his dissertation on “industrial policy in Ethiopia”, a policy paper that he and his TPLF sidekicks had been toying around since TPLF took power in 1991, raises legitimate questions.

“If Arkebe had indeed finished his dissertation in “record time”, it is because he was copyediting his old policy papers instead of doing original research, which is what a doctoral dissertation is supposed to be,” the professor said.

“If Arkebe’s dissertation is of such an exceptional scholarly and scientific quality sufficient to shift paradigms, why is it not published in whole or in part in the leading scholarly journals of the world?” he asked.

Arkebe has a history of being a clumsy publicity hog. When he was the mayor of Addis Ababa, he once plastered his mugshot on huge promotional billboards under the guise of raising awareness on the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Azeb Mesfin, wife of the late dictator Meles Zenawi and Arkebe’s arch foe, reportedly ordered the removal of his outsize images from the city centers just within a few days. She reportedly felt that Arkebe would say and do anything for self-promotion and self-aggrandizement.

Prof. Alemayehu wonders why TPLF’s tyrannical midgets seek to puff themselves up as intellectual giants. “Those who aspire to achieve terminal degrees do so because they love research, discovery of new knowledge, truth and make significant contributions to the body of knowledge in their field of study. Conferring a Ph.D. on the unenlightened is like dressing a hoodlum in a designer suit. It looks good but everyone knows that the man under the suit is still a hoodlum,” he commented.

Isaias Abaye and his bosses should take their own advice. He recently warned us about Member of the European Parliament and a great friend of Ethiopia, the Honorable Ana Gomes, who reduced the late tyrant Meles Zenawi into dust with her sharp commentary. To the dismay of Zenawi’s worshippers like Isayas, she bluntly stated that the demise of the cruel and deceitful dictator was a good opportunity for Ethiopia.

In his silly tantrums against the respected MEP, Isayas lamented: “Unlike the early days of the online media, we have all learned not to be easily shocked, surprised, or overly excited by what we read online. Mostly, we try to verify the reliability and reputation of the source. When we read Ana Gomez’s [sic] interview with a journalist from a local private media, we didn’t even doubt the authenticity of this story knowing it is the angry Hana Gobeze….”

Perhaps Isaias and Arkebe do not realize that in the Information Age liars, cheats, con artists and fibbers do not last a nano second without being exposed. Maybe the entire pack of TPLF’s liars, robbers and tyrants can take a lesson from this amusing episode. They should know, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” If Arkebe must be extolled for breaking records, it should be for “record breaking lies” and for telling lies with disgrace. But he must know that his lies will NOT PASS WITHOUT CORRECTION.

It is said that old habits die hard. Sadly Arkebe miserably failed to learn that knowledge must be based on truth. It also appeared that SOAS also failed to equip its windbag graduate with the basic skills of researching at least easily detectable and verifiable facts. Yet SOAS can be forgiven as neither PhD nor professorship changes the character of pigs that are identical with the ones in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. .

In the footsteps of their fallen demigod Meles Zenawi, TPLF’s dictators, robber barons, torturers and their heartless accomplices such as Arkebe and pedler of lies Isayas Abaye have a guaranteed place, not in honor books, but in the trashbin of history. No unimpressive PhD, professorship or self-imagined glories and trophies will change the fate of these dictatorial fibbers.

In the world of Aigaland’s Animal Farm, pigs may soar and fly in the skies. But in the real world we all live in, TPLF’s pigs can only dream of being eagles or falcons. Whatever any pigs dream of, they have to live with the fact that they are just pigs. This is the inconvenient truth that no genius pig with a PhD from SOAS, Harvard or Stanford can change and refute.

Speaking of stellar academic achievement, a recent true story about a truly outstanding Ethiopian scholar has filled our hearts with joy and pride. It was disclosed a couple of weeks ago that Dr. Mulatu Lemma, an award-winning mathematics professor at Savannah State University, was honored as the 2013 Georgia Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching and the Council for the Advancement of Support of Education (CASE). His name and his country’s name is in the history book of academia for being one of the top mathematics professors in the United States. What an achievement!

It should be noted that Arkebe’s record-breaking tall tales of being the most outstanding PhD holder in the entire history of SOAS, even if his dream for academic grandiose has now fallen apart, must be recognized at least for the effort. The “scholar”, who has not yet published a single academic paper or a mini-newspaper article, must be honored named Doctor Arkebe Kedadaw!

While the warriors of truth and freedom such as Eskinder Nega, Reeyot Alemu, Andualem Aragie, Bekele Gerba and Ustaz Abubakir, are languishing in TPLF dark dungeons, Arkebe had the luxury of jetting to Europe in search of academic grandiose. Quite certainly Arkebe is unlikely to get the honors and accolades he craves badly while he is alive. So just like Zenawi, he deserves to be honored with a state funeral!


    • Abebe you are dying of hate and jeoulesy get life and do something tangeable that will help ethiopia. this guy did his share spend 17 years on dessert and 22 years changing the country for good.
      For you only one ethnic is educated and have the brain you are stuck in 40 years a go mentality things are changing bro get face it.
      You can write bulishit while you eating your burger in dc cafe and criticising those who are working while you and your educated freins are still doing nothing important for the country except every week writing sheet.

  1. well said, but i ask my self is there any thing that the TPLF/WOYANE crack pots won’t do, they will continue to lie and deceit as they have been doing from their inception. The master of the craft of lie, the late dead for good (thank god for that), uncivilized reptile (frog) meles Zenawi, must be beaming with happiness on the TPLF thugs for carrying the tradition of lie, deceit, looting and begging, it seems that their shame less tradition of deceit will continue for some time to come.


    Long live Ethiopia !!!


    To hate success and the successful is the sign of weakness.

    Mediocre always look at success in negative manner, thus always feel inferior and victims.

    • WA! It is Abebe that you are talking about. All he has to do is bark @ you, and you know what is going to happen to you because God is with people who care about truth. He is telling you that the truth is the only thing that sets you FREE. You tplfites do not know about freedom. Because you guys are in spiritual prison, you are troubling the entire nation at this moment in time. You can not continue forever by shielding and surrounding yourself with lie. For now lie is on the throne in Ethiopia, but there comes a time that God’s trueness will be a large shield and bulwark for Us ( See Psalms 91:4 ).

  3. We need political opposition not coverall hate red

    Attacking individuals or their education is not the solution, the truth is We can not defeat EPRDF with lies and empty propaganda as we did fir the past 22 years, if we were serious about defeating EPRDF then we must have authentic political platform and socioeconomic agenda to convince the mass, as it stand the mass do not have no confidence on the opposition since we the opposition failed to show them convincing agenda, if not the mass will CONTENUE to fall for EPRDF agenda since there is no alternative idea/ alternative opposition.

  4. Asefa Mamo, You don’t seem to get the wonderful story. Arkebe can get whatever he wants. He will impress no sensible human being while he is part of a criminal syndicate oppressing and robbing our people. No PhD will change that reality. The story is the guy is claiming to be the most outstanding “scholar” in the history of SOAS. Abebe Gellaw has investigated the claims and found out that it was a totally laughable falsehood. It is the good “doctor” who proved to be mediocre. Sorry, sir! That is the story!

  5. What is wrong with that? Since, his phd is given from unouthorised institution and the Dissertation is approved by the so called person like U. Not in other way but only if he fulfils the requirements of the institution to write his name and country in their history book. Why not?

  6. Weyanes are total liers, because they are afraid of facing eternity which is Hell for everyone of them, So to appease their conscience they have to lie to themselves until their head cracks and be let into their final abode Hell !!!!
    Arkebe and his friends have past the point of repentance, until they die they get worse and worse deceiving and fooling themselves. It is obvious that no one with that kind of mentality will have a peaceful sleep. Behind that fake smile is the horror of death and Hell!!
    As I said before, the only one who is impressed by these children of darkness is the Devil himself. There was a time when the Devil was an angle of light, before iniquity was found in him. Whereas these Weyanes (curse of the nation) were born in darkness, lived all their lives deprived of the light of truth, and will have their end in the darkness of Hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Words can not express the darkness that has engulfed the wayanes,

    Did not Weyanes have the opportunity to hear the truth, and to repent? I have no doubt they had that many times, but they chose the pleasures of sin and wickedness for such a short time. Now the Spirit of God has left them to their doom!
    ” ….. No liers shall inherit the kingdom of God” !! and every Weyane and their accomplices that is what God said in His Word! For now go on fooling one another and smiling, remember this God will have the last say, He will have the last laugh!
    Weyane (the curse of the nation) And Ethiopia can not coexist !! one of them must Go! Ethiopians have paid enormous sacrifice under these curses and will continue to do so!
    Courage, perseverance, and sacrifice will remove these curses !!
    God will heal the land and wipe out every tear from our people!!
    In the mean time the struggle will continue in all side!!

  7. Saif al-islam, Quadaffi son was a PhD from UK. He wrote nice thesis but did not save his throat or his fathers. He never lived what he said in his thesis. Famous programs and unversities do business with dectators either for money or fame. Zenawid did get empty honors and internet MSc’s but did not save him from death.
    Never is education alone enough to serve own nation but honesty, humlity and brave heart are some of the ingrdients required.

  8. Good job Abbe,
    Have you observed how Abugida has been delaying publishing comments to frustrate public discussions? Your article above already has 6 comments and none published yet; not just yours alone but any that charge head-on ruling party policies. Tecola’s “No Thanksgiving” article was posted on 25 Nov but only 4 comments out of 37 were published in two weeks [way after rage against Saudi had died down!

    I was looking through the status of several frequent discussants on the web with PhDs. I was shocked to learn some are not at all “Drs” and not a few have “PhDs” that are spurious. Few others do not have full-time job. I was wondering if some might not be receiving special fund to keep opposition groups at each other’s throats and confused. I mean this; some of the statements they make is so silly it could only be a deliberate attempt to provoke confusion and to sidetrack discussants. What do you make of a suggestion that Eskinder Nega should be freed but agree to leave his own country?! Or that the ruling party should have allowed “controlled” demonstration against Saudi action [after the fact]; the same writer was against any public demonstrations in an earlier article.

  9. what is next from the woyane LIE machine. when we say they cannot make a LIE bigger than this they come up with even more amazing LIE.
    What Iqubay’s LIE is telling us is that he is one of those at the centre of the LIE factory of Tigre people liberation force.

  10. @Mr. Asefa maamo,

    Well said.

    There will be Thousands of PHD’s from Oromia, Tigraye and all other non Amhara regions, thanks to Prime Minster Meles Zenawe for opening universities colleges in every region in the country. Amharas domination as Ethiopias erudite elitism is done dead.
    The faster you accept this fact the better you will be.

  11. After I read this article(actually part of the articel), I became convinced that Arkebe has indeed broke a record. Before I read this article, I had doubts even whether Arkebe has really gone to that university or not. This writer confirmed to me that Arkebe studied in that university and broke a record. Wonderful Arkebe!! Good Job!! We are proud of you. ደሞ ኣንቅና:: If we work hard, we can achieve more than what great Arkebe achieved.

  12. Industrial policy is a report prepared by a bought academic consultant from abroad for TPLF while Arkebe was swimming in the whiskey pool. We know such little tricks. Meles Zenawi was plagiarizing a voluntary Colombia university professor who was on TPLF payroll in much the same way he was plagiarizing the globally stupid Alabnian Enver Hojja for free. But thank you the authentic intellectual Abebe Gelaw for bringing to spotlight the deep seated psychological problem of those at the echelon of power of the TPLF. Everyone knows that these people (woyanes) suffer from deep seated inferiority complex and are quite assertive in a bid to redress their feeling of inferiority. Meles Zenawi lost the appetite for learning in the university when he encountered stiff competition albeit from the race he hates (Amharas and Oromos)and his grades began to dwindle. He reportedly began blaming Amhara lecturers for his predicament. The likes of Arkebe and Abay are not born in the first place for any academic excellence worthy of mention but rather for outright robbery.The physics of intelligence states that Stupidity is conserved and is universally true as we know it through the murderous deeds and deeds of TPLF stirred by none other than the likes of Meles and Arkebe. How come that Arkebe comes out of the whiskey bottle and claims a PhD? This is a mockery of academic excellence and an insult to all those who did their own authentic PhD works. Arkebe did not have any evidence of academic achievement prior to embarking on his PhD study. He has not been recorded in publications or scholarly interactions. Therefore, he is not a PhD material in the first place. He did his work on part time basis and his thesis might as well (given his lack of any good credentials) be prepared by a bought academic consultant (thanks to the blood money looted from the bony Ethiopians). A 10,000+ USD must have superbly done the trick while Arkebe enjoys the whisky that he badly needs to make up for the lost time.

  13. Ato Abebe losing it, sinking in hatred.


    When The mans heart and mind filled with so much hatred, hate bound mind does not see nor feel the truth but speak from the point of hatred where moral act and rationality clouded by fog of hate.

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