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DMV Grand Public Meeting With Professor Berhanu Nega |Flyer

A town hall meeting N
DMV Grand Public Meeting With Professor Berhanu Nega |Flyer


  1. He is at least trying to do something, what are we doing? I mean don’t you think we need a change, a change for the better? I understand some people post silly things to agitate, discourage, careless….but all of us would want a better life, country, future but where is our action. Please let’s learn to appreciate someone who is trying. I don’t know him personally but I respect his efforts and commitment to contribute something as a citizen.Really history will not forget him and some are grateful forever.Who knows we might witness a free and democratic country in his life time.Long live!

  2. I cant wait to here from Mr. Nega this time .He has done a great job at EU .He has been working hard the past couple of weeks here in the USA and we will here on the 31st.He is a night mare for TPLF .He will brake there back this time i AM VERY PROUD OF HIM

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