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Djibouti President narrowly escapes assassination

By Dahir Alasow
Waagacusub.net – A tiny African nation’s President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh,narrowly escaped an assassination attempt right after his plane landed in Djibouti airport.

IMG_86AD13-60984A-FB6578-AEBED3-B6718C-0ED39FOne of the Presidential guards known as “Garde Republique de Djibouti” fired upon and injured several officials including the president’s doctor ,Dr. Idiris Abdi Galab.

The President was returning to the country from IGAD Summit when the soldier started to shoot the president, despite a failed assassination attempt, Spokesman for the government who spoke to the VOA denied it.

Reliable sources confirmed that government officials including protocol officers died in the scene.

Ismail Omar Guelleh , who is one of the sustained African dictators face challenges from his people who disregard his iron-fist.

Commentators say this incident will create suspicion among the Republican guards and the President himself.

One of the Opposition Leader says The President is wounded for the attack but not yet clear.

Hundreds of political inmates including respected scholars are held in incommunicado in the central jail of Gobood at the center of Haramuus.

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