Dima Nogo is in Ethiopia

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Reliable reports indicate the junior leader of ODF Dima Nogo has travelled to Ethiopia for funeral of Adde Tsehay Tolosa, widow of the late Rev. Gudina Tumsa. Adde Tsehay Tolosa is Dr. Nogo’s sister-in-law. A very similar episode transpired in the 90s when the then junior OLF leader, Leenco Lata, travelled to Ethiopia demanding the release of Ibsa Gutama. Leenco Lata now explains that the objective of his travel was something personal and secret not Ibsa Gutama’s incarceration.

There are also reports ODF has applied to participate in the coming Ethiopian election but Ethiopian election committee is yet to respond to them. Dima Nogo is allegedly meeting with OPDO leadership to assess their concerns regarding possible face off.
Of note, although he was incarcerated and then murdered for Oromo cause, Rev. Gudina Tumsa was never part of OLF. His brother, the late Baro Tumsa, was in OLF leadership.
Source: Sii Tube


  1. Kkkk.weyanen beashkerenet lemagelgel gena bezu acheberbari poltikogoch ye fascistun weyane lemagelgel enna chama eysamu lemoner yemihadu hodamoch allu.time will show us.

  2. @zehabesha
    What a ridiculous approach do you have toward to these people. Where have brought the terminology called “Junior leader” Do you really understand the meaning of junior leader or just to try to undercut the role of those individuals in the Oromo people national struggle? You probably want to say second in command in the respective organizations.
    Secondly, please don’t try to write what you totally don’t know. Any effort of trying to mislead your audience is not less than the effort of Wayane misguided propaganda. Dr. Diimaa is not a brother-in-law of Aaddee Tsehay. You also don’t have the biography of the late prominent Evangelical Church leader and Oromo figure who lived a life ahead of the people of his generation, The Rev. Gudinaa Tumsaa.
    Please check your information very well before trying to touch the keyboard.
    Peace to you!

  3. Did this guy really matter ?//What did he do for the last 40 yrs FOR OR AGAINST,Which ever side he is on … for me its irrelevant

  4. Adde Tsehay Tolosa (RIP) is the wife of the martyred Pastor Gudina (RIP). Dr. Dima’s wife is the daughter of Gudina and Tsehay Tolosa. Hence, Tsehay is Dima’s mother in law and not “sister in law”; so this demands scrutiny on your report in general.

  5. There is one good thing I can say about Dr. Dima and his few colleagues. At least after half a century, they admitted their historical blunders committed against to the people of Ethiopia. This makes them better than some other organizations and individuals who did worse than them but still think, preach, pretend and lie as if they were heroes and freedom fighters. Beyond that, it is impossible that the same people who played key roles in the disintegration of Ethiopia and the plight of Ethiopians can come and help to build the unity of Ethiopia and the freedom of Ethiopians. The best thing Dima and his former O.L. F. comrades can do is just one thing: not to involve in our country’s affairs again. Otherwise, they may come for further destruction of our country and to elongate the suffering of our people. Other than that, whether Dima and his friends go to Ethiopia or Mars is not important at all.

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