Destitute young Ethiopians flood southern Africa – photos, videos

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It is estimated that over 100,000 Ethiopians are currently held in the jails of Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.
Ethiopian immigrants await trial outside the Karonga Court, Malawi, Sept. 24, 2014. (Tiwonge Kumwenda | VOA)

Ethiopian immigrants who were rounded up by the police, at an immigration office, in the northern district of Karonga, Malawi, Sept. 24, 2014. (Tiwonge Kumwenda | VOA)

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Ethiopian refugees at Al Bedha beach in Yemen

Ethiopian refugees at Al Bedha beach in Yemen

Ethiopian refugees at Al Bedha beach in Yemen



Ethiopians lined up at the immigration office in Addis Ababa to leave their country



  1. the quality of your page is decreasing from day to day. the title is unrelated with the content. So old pictures, all from kenya and yemen and ethiopia. Title says southern africa.

  2. Thank you for bringing out the plight of Ethiopians. The pictures show the sorry state of my people. They are running away from the belly of the beast. Please let us do what we can to change the situation. Churches and mosques ought to do something to alleviate the Ethiopian situation.

  3. It is a mystery, What is going to happen 10,20 years from know? What happened to us? Who is doing this? Why?????? I am calling the mothers, the mothers of those children to be the lioness!!! ” DO NOT TOUCH MY CHILD”

  4. we don’t hear any east african countries -kenya,tanzania.zimbabwe ,zambians- migrating the way ethiopians and eritreans do…Its amazing a young man before he finish high school,before he learn how to stand on his own feet..he thinks migrating… i hate weyanea…but there is a very big problem with in that ppl mind…qitwan betikikil metreg satchel hager tla mefertet yamratal…they hear 400 ppl died on a boat accident 800 more travel the next day. now this days instead of feeling sorry for them..start to get mad at them…..the problem is beyond this racist government …its the society who encouraged has to stop…

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