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Denver Protesters March To Raise Awareness Of Deadly Conflict In Ethiopia

DENVER (CBS4) – Carrying signs that said “Do Not Let It Become Genocide,” protestors marched down Lincoln Street to the State Capitol on Thursday afternoon. They called themselves concerned Ethiopians in Colorado.

Other people carried signs saying, “You Waited on Hitler, You Waited on Sudan, You Waited on Rwanda Do NOT wait on Ethiopia,” referring to Ethiopian soldiers firing on their own people in their own country.

(credit: Dave Russell)

CBS News reports Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent soldiers to the northern province of Tigray following an attack on a government military base. The Prime Minister, who has won a Nobel Peace prize for creating peace with neighboring Eritrea, is now accused of attacking his own people.

(credit: Dave Russell)

Ethiopians who now call Colorado home worry the fighting will lead to civil war. Locals also say the Ethiopian Prime Minister postponed elections due to the pandemic.


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