Demand the Immediate Release of Afar Music Artist & Activist Mafara Mohammed Laale

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On october 4, 2016 an Afar artist, activist and politician mrs. Mafara Mohammed Laale, was put in jail. She was imprisoned right after the meeting organized on dubti district, which was addressing and calling the dubti citizens to stand and show thier stance with the current regime and at the same time to demonstrate and uprise against oromo and Amhara protests just like Abdi Mohammed did in Jigjiga, somali regional state. So the people denied and opposed these malicious acts which would probably trigger conflict and hatred with their brotherly ethiopians.
So one of the front line actors who strongly opposed the concept and objected the acts were mrs. Mafara mohammed Laale. She said bluntly these acts will instigate and trigger conflict and hatred between afars and other ethnic groups in the country, so i condemn and strongly oppose these kind of acts after that she rushed out the meeting in protest and proclaimed solidarity support to those who strugle for their Democratic rights and freedom lovers. Shortly after that she was thrown into prison, implementing the newly proclaimed emergency law.
Mrs.Mafara Mohammed Laale is known among the Afars, as an artist, activist, politician, and revolutionary mother! She is well known for her freedom songs, bluntly speeches, icon of patriotism, active agent in representing the voice of afar woman’s social justice and democracy.
So I condemns the imprisonment of Mrs, Mafara Mohammed Laale and calls for the immediate release of her.
Akadar Ibrahim, ( Akku )
Social activist and

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