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December 13 Commemoration Democratic Movement Press Release


December 13 Commemoration Democratic Movement along with all united Ethiopians are condemning the massacre of Anuaks by TPLF’s proxy South Sudanese Nuer forces in two villages near Penyudo district. As reported in the news media, it was widely believed that TPLF has its hands in the recent abductions and massacres and some unreported incidents. Aided by heavy weapons supplied by the TPLF government, the killings were directly orchestrated from Addis Ababa. In recent months, when Anuaks would identify the corps and some of the killers TPLF forces and Galwak Tute, a South Sudanese TPLF appointed governor threatened anyone who tries to expose the criminals after Anuaks identified the corps of the killers. Instead, they intentionally complicated Murle ethnic group in which these killing did not fit the characteristics of Murle attack what so ever.

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