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Debre Berhan shaking with University students’ protest

By Derese Tariku, De Birhan Media Staffer
Addis Abeba
31 October 2012

Debre Berhan University, located in Amhara Region, North Showa Zone, in Debre Berhan town, 130 kms far form Addis Ababa to the North – East, has been shaking with student protests and clashes, sources in the Campus told De Birhan.

A number of students have been injured, properties were damaged due to the protest and local police are heading to the Campus. Most of the injured students have been taken to the nearest hospital.

Some sources say the cause of the clash is in relation to students “unfair academic grading”, we are verifying the cause. The telephone network of the town has been disconnected.

Debre Berhan University started work on January 28, 1999 E.C (2007) enrolling 725 students in the faculty of education with two streams, namely Businesses Education and natural science teaching. Currently, there are around 10, 000 students attending in the University.


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