Debate: Tekle Yeshaw Vs Dr. Tesfaye Demelash

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Debate: Tekle Yeshaw Vs Dr. Tesfaye Demelash

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  1. All due respect, One of the reasons why academics are not leaders of countries, it is because – 1) they confuse themselves and others, 2) they don’t speak the people’s language. How many countries have professor presidents? how many PhD holders in the USA senate? academics are either advisers, civil servants specialized in a particular field, or lecturers.

    On the other hand, Ato Tekle Yeshaw is articulate, he speaks the pain of Amhara people. Some interest group deliberately misquoted him, misinterpreted or misunderstood Ato Tekle’s speech, he never preached anti Ethiopiawinnet or anti Oromos, he never questioned Oromos Ethiopiawinnet or any other ethnics for that matter. However, if you attack Amharas, if you abuse Amharas, if you spread fake hatred history against Amharas, of course he would defend his people, as simple as that. It is ok for you to call Amharas invaders, colonizers, etc. but why it is not ok for him to say that you came from Madagascar? “Eshokin beShok”! Ato Tekle is not hypocrite or two faced, he says it straight in your face. None of you are more Ethiopian than Ato Tekle, all he is saying is that, Amhara people have been disadvantaged, systematically oppressed, humiliated, Amhara people have been taken for granted.

    Some people said there is no Amhara while praising other ethnics, if there is no Amhara – there is no Oromo, there is no Sidama, etc. Prof Mesfin on one hand he claims there is no Amhara but he traveled all the way to America to declare that Ras Abebe Aregay is an Oromo, I don’t get it? if he advocates Ethiopiawinnet, why he needed to categorize individuals whom the people considered as their heroes? double standard!.

    I don’t care if I was a fox 200 years ago, today I am Amhara, there are millions of people unfairly targeted in the name of Amhara. We are not seeking a separate state, we don’t hate any other ethnic groups, we are pro Ethiopiawinnet. All what we are saying is that, let us organize ourselves as Amharas to stand our ground, the survival of our country depends on how fit we are, if you are homeless how would you able to save your little brother’s house in Gambella? if you don’t have respect for yourself no one would count you, doing nothing is not an option. I mean look at the Gondar protest has produced? it gained tremendous respect, there are changes as a result, even attitude changes toward Amharas, don’t forget that those Amharas who had been ashamed to be Amharas but today they stand tall.

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