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Dear Violence Enterpreneurs

Dr abiy ahmed meskel square
by Derese G Kassa

Your wise leader Meles Zenawi was obsessed with using the Rwandan Genocide to frame and explain Ethiopian politics. It was in 2004 at the National Palace that I heard him say if It were not for TPLF Ethiopia would have been another Rwanda. He literally told hundreds of university professors summoned that “We would have killed each other off like the Hutu and Tutsi if it were not TPLF and the system of ethnic federalism we laid!”

A year later he began to peddle terms like “Interhamawe” to refer to CUD supporters; young people as “adegejna bozene” ( a crude translation of Marx’s “Lumpen Proletariat”?) and began to confide to the international community that the Tigrayan people face genocide if CUD comes to power. Since then If you speak up against the TPLF-the Tigrayan elite were quick to dismiss you as anti-Tigre. The TPLF worked hard to blur the boundaries between the people and itself.

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Now the TPLF and it’s military and security apparatus have transitioned into hatching financing leading and executing inter ethnic violence throughout Ethiopia. You have taken time to execute gross acts of violence; video tape and release it to the world!

All of this will not be swept under the rugs. In fact you are shutting down your safe exit option from this crisis invested and “investing” in pogroms, displacement, inter ethnic violence and hatred throughout the nation. You will be held to account and there will be no place to hide in the world.

Mark my words.

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