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Dear Ethiopians, Ethio-Canadians and friends of Ethiopia!


Our beloved country, Ethiopia, is facing ever-worsening multiple problems; presently, it finds itself in the most critical situation, which has caused the loss of human life and property; more importantly, the very existence of the country is at risk.

Just recently, hundreds of our people were killed while thousands of them suffered wounds from beating and shooting. A huge number of them were detained in various prisons and military camps where they were being subjected to inhumane treatment.

In this time of horror, we should express our solidarity with the Ethiopian people and show our respects and sympathies to those who were killed and wounded. So, we are inviting everyone and your families and friends to join us for a candle vigil to be held at the following address and time:

Place: Square in front of the Ontario High Court, on Elgin and Lisgar Date: Tuesday, August 16
Time: 6;00 pm
Ethio-Canadian Provisional Taskforce


  1. Yes, true. All Ethiopians are equal. Peace prosperity and equality of all nations and nationalities. Please those who oppose federal administration think twice. You are like ISIS. You want destruction. Why are you mad if Somali Region is administered by Somali Ethiopians, or Tigrai Region is administeed by Tigreans. If you really like Ethiopia, you should be working peacefully to improve democracy, not to destroy the country and reverse the hard earned gains.
    Peace for Ethiopia!
    Stop violent demonstrations
    March for peacefully resolution and cooperation

  2. Stop killing peaceful protestors first then you are talking about a fake federal. Government which tplf plays god 100% rejected look and listen millions. Of Ethiopians who protesting everyday for months

  3. More oppression makes explosion so every conflict must solve by discussion instead of using power no power can create unification of a nation must stop violent and killing innocent people he who kills his people never gets power just destruct so put the gun and take the way of discussion

  4. I don’t understand this people called tegrai,the most morons, savage and selfish. Ethiopians in particular Oromo’s and Amara’s shouldn’t give in for any of these thrice’s.

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